Pick The IPVM Certificate And Discussion Logo

We are finalizing the certification form for our ~40 certified individuals from the first IPVMU class. We are also getting a logo for IPVM Discussions so we have a graphic to identify this segment of the site.

Here are the finalists from our graphic designer. Let us know what you like best.

Discussion Logo

Certification Logos

certification logos

John, I like "D" for the discussion logo and " B" for the certifications. No specific reason other then gut level reality check. I think those work best.

Discussion: A or D.

Cert: B.

Edit: because I can.

Discussion: D
Certificate: B

Do we have a consensus or does no one want to disagree? :)

Actually, I like D for discussion and B for certs as well so no objection, just checking.

no preference for discussion logo; 'D' for the cert logo

p.s. nice hipster signature on those certs...

that was me. just testing the new stealth post feature.

Ha, they're going to cast stones on you for using stealth!

btw, not my sig - my graphic designer just put that in

And you caught a bug! We need to fix the 'in reply to' showing the hidden name

And it's fixed plus one other tweak i've been meaning to do, now order is name, reply_to and then time, more logical than previous name, time, reply_to

Anyone else with comments on the cert forms and logo, let us know.

nice. so the reply shows that it's a response to my real name - even though the real name was hidden when posted? how clandestine. :)

I couldn't tell because (since I'm logged in) it knows that I'm the 'hidden' poster and tells me so... it just adds "-Name Hidden To Others" after my name in the original post. I guess so I remember I posted that later on and don't become confused.

is there any way to add in some edit time to posts (like linkedIn does) to fix typos and whatnot?

You should be able to edit the post anytime. Do you notice the 'edit' link underneath your posts?

I do now... :)

I like A for the discussions. It's simple.

For the cert I like the font on D better than B. Again, just looks simpler to me.

I like B for the logo, and B for the certification.

D for the Logo and B for the Certificate

Just like many others... "D" for the discussion logo and " B" for the certifications.

I like the discussion logo D because that shows the peoples responses cloud. I also like certification B. You need to have the IPVM watermark for the cert. Little logo watermarks does not look good so that leaves B and D certs. I went with D because my other Microsoft and Cisco certs do the same, professionally centered. Nice!!

Discussion: D

Cert Logo: B

Logo: A

Cert: B

Logo - B

Certification - B

Discussion: C
Certification: B

I like B for the logo, and B for the certification.

Wow, now we have a little bit of a battle for the discussion logo!

We need to have real polling built into the forems :) And it's in queue, we'll get it added in the next few weeks

Thanks for everyone's feedback so far!

B and B.

D and B

I like A for the discussions and D for the certificate.