Can Photography Lenses Be Used For Surveillance Cameras?

Can I use Photocamera's lens instead of the CCTV Box Camera lens?

Yes. Both will hold down several sheets of paper in a moderate wind.

Sorry! You will need to provide more details on what you intend to do but most like the answer is no.

I think you're asking if you can use another standard mount photography style lens (ie: CF, EF, etc) with a surveillance camera (ie: C or CS).

In theory, the answer is yes. In practice, you can find adapter rings for such purposes, but the application is niche due to high cost of photography lenses. Most focal ranges are available in c or cs mount lenses, and the most generally useful ranges are common.

Yes, you can. There are adapters for several photography lens types to C/CS lenses, like this one (Canon EOS to C).

Whether or not it provides any sort of image quality advantage is another question entirely.

So the question is: why do you want to use photography lenses for surveillance?

Avigilon's Pro cameras accept both Canon EF and EF-S Mount lenses.

If you are trying to get the most out of a high-quality lens, this may be the best option.

With tube cameras we used the adapter rings that Ethan talked about. They were more common in those days. We did not gain in particular advantage.

Made one a few years back for giggles and stupidly long lens.

EF to C mount.

Bought a very cheap lens cap, cut a hole in the centre, stacked some C-CS adapter rings to get the back focal plane correct.

Terrible depth of field. Fun for the day.