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What Is The Best Way To Position Cameras For A Stairwell Shot?

Just looking for people's perspectives on coverage of corridor & exit stairshafts. I have 6 stairwells, 10 stories each, not unlimited budget.

My thoughts are:

1. Best view of face if mounted on wall, however it seems like a waste of a camera view as it is not going to capture much except coming and goings.

2. Likely get a decent view of face when people exit from the one direction, might get a view of people when the leave from the other direction depending on how the turn into the stairwell. Also get a good view of what is going on down the corridor. Supplement this camera by ensuring that there are cameras at each ground level exit from the building capturing face. This way at least you can put the story together using the multiple views.

3. Probably the best overall, but doubles camera/licence count.

4. Advantages of #3 but less cost? Is this the best solution?

5. Others?


Why do you need such a detailed face image at every level? I would think that simple overview of each stairwell would suffice. You could do that simply with one camera at either end, except at the main floor, where you would need an additional camera for the identifying shot.

In this application, I would probably go with Option 3, but would overlap the camera coverage to assure that a blind spot does not exist directly below the cameras, like so:

If not already covered, I would also have a camera at the base of each stairwell to capture an image of people as they exit the stairwell out on to the street.