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Senstar Perimeter Fence Surveillance

Hi there, I'm working on about a 4 block square facility, the client will be building an office showroom and service bays, there will be storage in the yard for equipment, skid steers, tractors, small backhoes, etc. I haven't done any fence security, to determine a break in the line or somebody rolling it with a picker truck and stealing expensive equipment. Anybody work with Senstar?

Victor, you might want to look at thermal video surveillance to cover that large of an area.

Thanks Jim, I just looked at the plans, more like 1 city block square, for software we use Milestone, are there cost effective thermal cams?

For low cost, DRS is the least expensive IP thermal offering (see our DRS test results).

I have a few years of experience with Senstar's exterior sensor line, and several coworkers have more experience with them than I do. Their E-Field, Ported Coax, Microwave, and Taut Wire sensors have performed well for us. Senstar has improved their product line over the years based on customer feedback and as technological advancements have allowed. They have good customer service and technical support with solid technical engineering capability in-house. They are unifying around a very useful piece of management software (UCM) for all their sensors that presents a consistent environment for sensor tuning and troubleshooting, and it allows long-term data-logging with export to Excel. I have enjoyed doing business with Senstar and look forward to future opportunities to do so again.

Finally got in touch with Senstar, they were very helpful. Thanks again for everyones opinion