Pelco KBD300A & Milestone Corporate Software


I have a particular requirement of connecting Milestone Corporate 2016 software and pelco KBD300A. I connected the keyboard through the wiring kit and changed the baud rate to 9600. Also the license for the pelco keyboard is installed. But still the PTZs are not moving. The DIP switch (1-8) in the keyboard are 1-6,8 OFF and 7 is ON. Is there a limitation that only Pelco cameras are being controlled by pelco keyboard or all other PTZ cameras are compatible with this since the cameras are connected to milestone. There are BOSCH & Dahua PTZ cameras connected currently to milestone. I am not sure if I missed out any programming in the keyboard.

This is something that I recommend contacting Milestone tech support for. It is unlikely we will be able to figure out a solution for such a specific, low level integration that Milestone would not. Also, such integrations often are tricky and can fail because a single obscure setting is not set properly.

Thanks John. That's the first thing I have done. just checking if some more info I can get from outside for a quick fix.

Yes.. Done that.. Not much help though...

How has Milestone's tech support been? What have they said?

I registered this case in Milestone on Saturday,,,so far no replies... I expect the reply by tomorrow. BTW I was able to connect the keyboard and got the control over live/playback/setup windows. I think it was the problem with the USB serial port driver.. But still the zooming and pan Tilt functions are not working. Hope that I can correct it by tomorrow.

So are you using an RS-422 -> RS-232 -> USB converter?

Aside from (lack of) PTZ movement, is there any indication that the keyboard is aware of the smart client or vice versa?

Do you have any way of verifying the serial cable/com port?

If they are not talking at all, I would put a serial port sniffer on the PC and see what's happening there.

Serial port sniffer.

Finally I got it connected and some sort of communication is happening between the PC and the keyboard. I will wait for the milestone guys to give me more support to get everything sorted out.... Thanks for the software "serial port sniffer" which I was not aware...

Did you come up with the answer?

Dear All

The problem was solved. The issue was with the software plugin. Uninstalled everything and did a fresh Installation. Imported the keyboard license. Everything works like a charm. Thanks for the support - IPVM members and Mr. John.

1, what was the issue with the software plugin? Did you need a newer version or?