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Pelco IME, IMP & IWP Cameras Motion Detection Problem?

I wanted to check to see if anyone had issues in the recent past with the motion detection in the above Pelco series of cameras.  We have a good number of these installed at a site and noticed that the motion detection in the cameras was not functioning properly.  The problem was at first not noticeable but if you viewed a camera for awhile you would see where a large percentage of the time that the camera would not pick up motion when it should have.  The most recent firmware releases for these cameras seems to have taken care of the issue.  We now have Pelco telling us that only our site and one other are the ones to have had this problem.  This seems strange as Pelco agreed it was an issue and told us we had to wait for the new firmware to fix it.  What I think is happening is that people are installing the cameras, setting up the motion and it appears to be working and leaves it that.  That people really are not aware of all of the times that motion is not being detected when it should have or that people are just recording 24/7 and the motion does not matter.


Integrator #1 - I would love to see if I can help you out here.  We have no known issues with motion with any of these camera models, and have sold thousands.  You can reach me at and let me see if I can help you out


I have emails from your top technical people agreeing that this is (was) an issue with these cameras and a firmware upgrade did fix the issue for the most part.  Either Pelco is not sharing information within the organization or you are posting incorrect information on purpose.

Neither of those statements are accurate - however my offer to help still stands.  Please reach me directly by the email I provided above.  I really would like the opportunity to help

As I said in my original post the latest firmware seems to have fixed the problem but we had to record at the site 24/7 for months until the new firmware was available.  I was told by my Pelco contact that only our site and one other had this issue with the motion.  I do not see how this can be unless these two locations had received a special batch of cameras.  The only way that I can check to see if there were only two sites with this issue is to post a question where other companies that may have installed these cameras can respond.  

I have had similar issues but as I record all the time I only notice the motion indication in my VMS disappearing. I've also noticed the smart compression randomly turning off - when you leave site the cameras are doing 1Mbps, next time you return they are chewing a constant 8Mbps. The release notes say that this is fixed and I'm currently testing.

Please list the fw version numbers and did u contact Pelco product support?