Pelco Endura Storage Manager (SM) Install Windows Server

Has anyone had a site where they have replaced an Endura system and had to take over the Storage Manager (SM)? I have a site with a couple of these units that are fairly new. In order to take them over I presume that I can just put on Windows Server and track down drivers. Has anyone performed anything like this and can they verify it is doable? The units are still active so I have not had the ability to tinker as of yet.

Just to update this for anyone who ever has to do this. These units are just overpriced Supermicro whiteboxes with a Pelco label slapped on them. Piece of cake just make sure you upgrade the processor from the piddly Core i3 to an E3-12xx and upgrade the firmware before doing so.

I have yet to do the same with the VideoXpert boxes but I imagine it is much the same.