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Password Reset On An Amcrest (Dahua Reseller) NVR?

We bought a few Amcrest NVRs when we first started doing video surveillance (admittedly a mistake). We were woking with their channel salesman and just using CC for purchases and they werent tracking them. I dont have any proof of purchase and they wont/cant help me with out it. I know they have a list of master passwords but when we tried none of them worked. 

Does anyone have the list or any other ideas? Otherwise Ill just scrap the NVR, and write it off as a lesson learned.  

Dahua Password Reset Utility

Try this if they're old enough.

Other than that there's a way to get into the DVR with the serial port. You might need to send me an email and I can get those recovered for ya.

Are you still using Dahua overall?

I tried the PW generators and even found a few more online. None of them worked. Amcrest says they will try to help now.

As for Dahua we do still use them and I have been very happy with the product and the service. We tried Hik for a very short time but got burned really bad by an over zealous salesman selling features that the support group had no idea how to implement.

I would be interested in the serial cable option.

here's a couple combinations to try...

admin/admin or admin/12345

Those only work if the default hasn't been changed. Thank you though

Would removing the CMOS battery reset the password?

This one is interesting. I saw another post suggesting this. The battery is soldered in tho so I would risk ruining the board if I'm not able to get it out and back in.


I'm thinking that I have already wasted more time on this darn thing than its worth

As for those still looking for a solution, please send me a private message through IPVM (or guess my email address through who I work for) and I can walk you through resetting these units using the serial cable option. Also, be warned, not all RS232 USB adapters are made equal AND Dahua doesn't use a standard pinout from my experience. Fun times.


Have a few questions to bounce off you if you don’t mind... can you email me at


Hello John: I forwarded this to Robert so he sees it.