Parking Garage D-WDR Or True WDR?

Hi all,

Has anyone had any positive experiences with using Digital WDR cameras in a parking garage structure? Price for True WDR is the customers main concern.

Judging from my site survey I don't think the lighting is terrible. Please see the picture that I captured with my Iphone.

Your help with this is greatly appreciated!

Keep in mind your only looking at this via the image at one specific time of day. You need to look at this issue and how the lighting will change 24/7/365. Morning and end of the day tend to be the harsest in these parking decks. True WDR camera are very important for these applications.

^^ What M.M. said.

And, do the cameras lie on a North-South or East-West Axis? If the end of the shot is open to the horizon the glare may be quite intense on a E-W orientation.

Btw, what is this device:

Camera, Illuminator, Car counter, LPR? Is it running 3-phase? ;)

Most of the cameras will be facing due North or South.

LOL that is an ancient Pelco Box Cam. It's running on plain old fashioned RJ-59 Siamese.

Have you seen this shoutout?


I did but in that example they are pointing their camera directly at the entrance to the garage. the bright light is very drastic. the garage that I am quoting is not as bad (See original pics)

LPR or LPC requirement?

How's the light at night?

Cameras will be for general Surveillance. LPC would be nice, but wasn't one of the requirements.

To be honest, I havent been there at night..

So I am going to say that even if there are far worse parking garage lighting scenarios than this one, anytime you have half the scene lit from within and the other half lit from the outside, it just begs for true-Wdr.

And prices have come down quite a bit as well. For instance check out this HD-CVI FLIR (Dahua) for under $100 bucks, reviewed by IPVM here.

1080P IR True WDR.

If you are prefer domes or IP cameras there are some cheaper, if not as cheap as this one, true WDR models available from the usual suspects.

"Price for True WDR is the customers main concern."

1, as 2 mentioned, there are a number of true WDR low-cost cameras. Here is a list of 30+ True WDR cameras under $300. Take a look at that and see if any models make sense for you.

I do think true WDR will help and if you can get it at close to the same price with one of these low cost options it is worth considering.

Note: True WDR has gotten less expensive as multi-exposure has more broadly been built into imagers.


Thanks for your input. I checked out that list, there are only 4 domes that are at least IP66 rated. of the four the only one that stood out is the ds-2cd2122FWD-is. The reason I say this is because the others either aren't at least 1080p or are not IP cameras.

Do you know if I can pick up the 2122 anywhere in the states? It seems to only be available on

Thanks again.

1, here is Hikvision's response:

"Yes, it is released into US market. Our distributors are loading these items into their systems now."

B and H Photo is listing the 2122 for $165. Special order, but they are US based.

They are also an authorized Hik dealer.