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Has anyone ever heard of anyone using a wide-angle panoramic camera and a high zoom speeddome ptz working together, mounted in the same vertical plane, to cover a given FOV?

Where the fisheye detects thru some analytic (motion detection) an area for examiniation and then directs the ptz to track it at high zoom? Usually we think of unmanned ptzs of being mostly wasted pointing in one place, or slightly better, cycling thru various guard tours, but this would be way better usage it would seem. There are of course tracking ptz's that will detect motion and zoom and follow on their own, but they can only see what is in their widest FOV at a time. So is there an easy way for the panoramic to tell the ptz where to look?

Do you need some multi-camera analytic package to do it, or is it possible to rig up with a basic VMS, like Canon's new one.

Either this is a dumb idea or it's done all the time, but I don't know which. Do you?

Axis P5544 Panoramic / PTZ Camera.

Never went anywhere, still available though.

What?! They got it already? How come every time I get a decent idea, somebody always has to come up with it before me? It's ok, cuz I'm just finalizing my next, next big thing:

I don't know if you can see whether I read that Axis article or not, but if any lawyers contact you, cover for me ok?

ONSSI and Immervision have been demonstrating it for the last 3 or so years.

To clarify, this is different from the Axis model above. That is a single physical unit with the fisheye and ptz integrated into one.

What OnSSI and others are doing (vivotek, as an example) are using separate PTZs and panoramics with software to integrate the two.

Both are quite niche.