Panic Alarm Button/Remote Question

Looking for a panic alarm button/remote system that allows a person, say in a front room/cashier area to be able to notify a co-worker in another room? Currently using 2GIG wireless alarm system, but this is more to alert/signal another co-worker that the cashier may be in trouble/having trouble. Any info. would be appreciated.

I like calling them safety button for legal reasons. Your question is a bit confusing. You say you have a wireless system in place already. Is one an alarm system tha calls the PD and you now want to alert a coworker alerted as well?

The alarm notifies the police. But that is not the objective here. All the client wants to do is to have the cashier person alert another employee to a possible situation. The other employee will then wander up to the front area for a show of presence. So my question relates to is there a panic button that the cashier can wear/carry that will alert another employee wearing the same so that they are immediately notified wherever they are in the building.

Sorry for the confusion.

A, can you clarify a couple items?

Is the transmission point-to-point or point-to-multipoint? Even though you say alert another employee, do you really mean one distress button triggers only one distress target?

Also, is the transmission bi-directional or unidirectional? It would seem unidirectional except that you say it will notify another employee 'wearing the same', indicating that perhaps you want a system where you have several of the devices all which are capable of notifying all the others and receiving notification from any of the others. Is that true?

Also, as for the receivers, do you have anything against using the wifi of smart phones instead of a dedicated device?


Its basically to alert one other person that may be working in a back office, so whomever is wearing the alert receiver would be notified that it may be a good time to walk up to the front retail area.

It could be either one, preferably a simple solution. There are others working so either one of them could be alerted but because of the nature of the business, only one is tasked with responding.

The business has wifi, however a phone may not be as discreet or readily available.

Thanks for your response.

Nortek Control formerly Linear, makes a supervised wireless button that will do the job. This will alert the coworker as well as central station. Additionally the system is supervised so if batteries are low or there is a problem you will know before it's too late.

If you dont care about supervision (not a good idea for "safety" buttons) there are other simpler models (garage door openers) available at Nortek.

Call Nortek for more detailed answers

Nortek Security & Control LLC
1950 Camino Vida Roble, Suite 150, Carlsbad, CA 92008-6517
800-421-1587 / 760-438-7000
800-468-1340 / 760-931-1340 (Fax)


Thanks, I will give them a call.

The base can have a number of transmitters. And they sort of have bi directional comm. The receiver checks the status of the button for proximity and battery level to make sure it's all working. Speak to the mfg or read the data sheets and instructions for more detailed info. Todd

Status Solutions also has a button system that will do that. It can also provide location of the person who pressed the button down down to about 10 feet in users specified areas. The person I have dealt with there is Chris Prada 866 846 7272 x 788 or 416 677 7232

Thanks Roman, that sounds more like what I'm searching for.

Here's something that might work:

From CareCaller, it's billed as as personal duress system. 900Mhz, range 2 miles.

Thanks Chris, its worth taking a look at.