Panasonic Eyeing Global Push In Body Cams

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It looks like they are going to get this niche: body worn cameras (plus supporting services including facial recognition) for law enforcement. Interesting but will it help them to achieve this goal?

Panasonic targets security camera sales of at least 100 billion yen ($823 million) in fiscal 2018, up 40% from fiscal 2014. The company will leverage its prowess in 4K high-definition video to set itself apart.

Not sure if the wearable cameras will have the processing power on the edge for the analytics. As the articles states, they provide Thoughbook Laptops for most if not all Police Departments. The processing power of the laptops can be used for the analytics, maybe as an attached device.

It seems they propose a niche solution that includes more than a camera.

Panasonic has an FR solution that somehow distributed (do not know exactly) between their IP camera (a couple of models) and a PC software. Probably they will propose some option in this case as well.

Suspects can be recognized through such facial features as wrinkles, speeding up questioning and investigations.

Makes sense; criminals worry about getting caught, worry causes wrinkles etc.

Here's a video showing their latest face rec system. This one doesn't look like its on the edge...

Good article. Thanks for sharing.

The body cam market is certainly hot and it appears, e.g., Taser is making a killing with their early start and police connections.

Btw, that up 40% goal from 2014 to 2018 is really quite modest as it translates to an 8.9% compounded annual growth rate. Given the market's conditions now, not sure they can do it, but it's not an outrageous goal.

From the article:

Panasonic was the leading supplier [in the global video surveillance market] back in 2010.

Is there any truth, rationale or ulterior motive that would account for that statement?

Maybe, that was a different world. Here is a quick lookup from an Axis 2008 financial report:

This, of course, is a year before the financial crisis and China's massive stimulus / infrastructure spending commenced.

Taser is making a killing...

More than they would like you to believe. ;)

I have seen their their 1st gen body cams and i will say they are bulky heavy and come in two pieces. if they are going to corner the market they better streamline their design a bit. they do however have great sharp images though.

They won NYC camers about 46,000 cameras

They won Los Angeles for 10,000

They have won or are the front runner for San Francisco 25,000

The spec from San Jose is fro 12,000 units IT LEANS HEAVILY on Tasers specification.

At About $300 per camera this article is corrrect regardless of quality of product etc. Plus the storage is about a pedabite per camera a year. They are selling cloud storage. Selling

direct to the end-user hides the fruits of this market.