4K Panoramic In Exacq - Panasonic Or Bosch?

Would like to use the WV-SFN480 in exacq for an upcoming installation. I reviewed the IPVM test and found it would fit the application well after taking your findings into consideration. I did see that there is no integration with exacq and ONVIF failed as well. Has there been any updates to firmware or the like making this possible? Tried finding this through Panasonic, but did not get far. I did use the best match tool and thought the Bosch NIN-70122-F1 may be a good alternative, but I think I might be running into the same issue here.

Any thoughts or suggestions on cameras with similar image quality are welcome. Thank you.

The WV-SFV481 is still not on Exacq's supported devices list, but there are new updates to firmware and Exacq both this month which may have changed things. I will plug it in and check it out. I'll have an answer for you soon.

As far as the Bosch panoramic, you very well could be running into the same issue. It's also not on the supported list. I don't know of anyone who has tried it, either.

I'll also see if we can get answers from manufacturers on support here.

Great thanks a lot Ethan I appreciate it.

After upgrading both the camera and Exacq, I don't have much good to report.

If you add it with the Panasonic driver, you get MJPEG only. No H.264. PTZ controls work on the PTZ streams.

If you use ONVIF, you get H.264, but no PTZ controls. VMD works properly, though. If you want to use panorama streams or set up a quad view and leave it, it may work fine. But if you want PTZ controls, it won't work right now.

I'll update if/when we hear anything back from manufacturers about vMS support on these.

BTW here's an image of the quad view in Exacq. I just plugged it in at my desk quick and there's not much to look at . But it does work.

Thank you for the test Ethan, informative and helpful. While I don't want to stear too far off course I noticed the binder, making assumptions on the title; do you have your RCDD? If so, did you find it helpful? I did review one of your posts from early in the year.

Disclaimer: I am a Distributor for Vivotek.

In case you are looking for a 12MP Panormic camera that is supported on Exacq, you can use the FE8391.


Link to Exacq support page:


Thanks for sharing Frank. Is dewarping done on the camera or in the Exacq client on the FE8391? I don't know if there's a preference in this case, but it's worth clarifying.


Dewarping is done locally and client side. Let me know if you would like a unit to test. We are one of those "smaller Distributors that manufacturers prefer to work with."

exacq has stated they will support all panasonic 4k cameras by end of sept.

I too wanted to try and run with a similar Panasonic model WV-SFV781L, however the local Sony MFG rep stopped in my office recently before I coudl get access to the Panasonic he decided to leave me his pre-production sample of SNC-VM772R not a PTZ but an indoor / outdoor mini dome camera capable of 4K among other resolutions. One of the key features of the Sony is the use of a new large 1.0 class Exmor R CMOS sensor which is a backside illuminated chip or BSI sensor. Our Sony rep has been very generous to leave the camera with me for an extended period so far the low light performance is impressive even with the IR off.

I suspect thatVMS developers will have some challenges with some of the new crop of 4K product. I could easily see the stream in ONVF device manager and VLC player not the NVR I reached out to the folks at 3xLogic engineering for some assist in getting the camera going in my demo instance of Vigil NVR software. Late last week after a day with my demo system online and engineers remoted in the challenge was solved (not sure when 3x will formally release support but they know what it takes now) Over the weekend I have been experimenting with the camera capturing at full 4K stream resoluution while pointed at the night sky wondering if this might make for some impressive video of Sunday's lunar eclipse...it sure has the potential to do exactly that now if the weather will cooperate!

So far the new camera feature set looks very impressive with optics that appear to be well matched to the sensor I am just scratching the surface. But it does appear to be a well thought out high end camera product. Next test is passing the 4K stream through my Ubiquiti Nanostation M5 demo set up.

Just thought I woudl share my early experience with an industrial 4K camera product.