Paging Systems - Who Likes IP Speaker Systems Over Analog?

We are going to be installing a rather large paging system for a client. We are specifying an IP based system from Atlas over something more traditional like the Bogen Multicom 2000. I would like to hear from anyone who has experience with either of these systems who may be able to shed some light on the pros and cons of either.


A school nearby to me uses a Kintronics IP intercom / PA system that allows teachers/staff to use an app on their smartphones to hear/broadcast instead of hard wired stations.

I'm not sure this feature is exclusive to IP systems, but it is certainly more common and easier for them than traditional analog.

Thanks Brian, I will take a look at that system.

When I was an integrator, we did a lot of intercom and IP systems were just becoming a thing. We looked at the Atlas system and Valcom Informacast, but speakers were so expensive and at the time the featureset was more limited than the Rauland systems we were doing. And speakers were something like $800 each.

We took to wiring things with Cat5e homeruns instead of twisted pair, though, for future use. I just don't think the future ever came.