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I've created rules for IPVM email notifications to move to a specific folder within Outlook, but for whatever reason, some of the messages received don't get moved, but rather stay in my inbox. Why is that??

Depends on how your creating the rules. If your basing them on email address alone, be aware IPVM uses an emailing service (like many companies do) that can come from different source addresses (though I don't know how many).

You may want to create rules that look for key words like IPVM anywhere in the address or body of the email instead.

Hi Luis,

Subject line = IPVM Discussions []; on behalf of; IPVM Discussions []

Outlook rule (sometimes working, others not):

Apply this rule after the message arrives ...

with IPVM in the subject

move it to the IPVM folder

Subject line = IPVM Discussions []; on behalf of; IPVM Discussions []

I don't see any of what's underllined above as being in the subject line of the emails that come for discussions. What you have listed is in the Sender field of the email.

I'd suggest changing the rule creating a new one that looks for specific words or phrases "IPVM Discussions" as either the sender or anywhere in the email.

Okay, I've changed the rule, but still it does not work;


Apply this rule after the message arrives

with IPVM in the sender's address

move it to the IPVM folder

Sorry, my mistake. I'll try it again ...

Don't let it wear you down and don't show it fear!

Why are you posting Outlook questions on IPVM? Call Microsoft and figure it out - or talk to your IT guy - or go to an Outlook or Microsoft forum - or submit a question to IPVM. Then come back and post something related to our industry. :-)

Settle down.

I'd help, but I don't use Outlook. I have set up similar rules in gmail / google apps and that works.

John, I use a lot of rules. They all work fine, except for IPVM which works off and on. Actually, this is a new problem as it's never happened in the past, meaning my IPVM messages always ended up in the IPVM folder.

Anyhow, I'll ask MS.

I just noticed a whole bunch of emails in my Junk folder. Not sure if they are legitimate or not. Here's one of them:

A new discussion has been posted by Brian Rhodes New HDD To Replace SD Cards In IP Cameras?

Seagate announced a 500 GB HDD, the 'Ultra Mobile HDD <> ', that has the approximate footprint of a credit card <> for mobile computers:


While not specifically designed for surveillance, the size and low power requirements would appear to be a match for cameras featuring storage at the edge. While the drive claims (rather pedestrian) speeds of 5400 RPM, that would prove more than adequate for a single camera, or even a small gang of cameras, to write/rewrite upon.

The drive's <> specsheet <> also claims to consume only 1.4W, which is within the typical parameters of other integrated options (ie: IR LEDs) and is certainly powerable within Class2/3 PoE parameters.

No word on pricing, but an interesting potential for edge storage in a market infatuated with SD storage currently limited to ~64GB.

What do you think? Are magnetic disks at the edge a step forward or a step backward?

Read and respond at: New HDD To Replace SD Cards In IP Cameras? <>

Unsubscribe from new discussion emails <> <>

They are legit but from a month ago or so.

Outlook 2003 was always a little flaky. You should looking into upgrading, though there's no guarantee that'll solve the problem. You'll still have to create rules.

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