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Outdoor Wireless Surveillance Residential Recommendations

One of my customer requires outdoor wireless surveillance for the small community around 10-12 residence. The cameras can be powered from residences but since there is no scope of interconnectivity between camera and storage, only wireless is the option.

I have seen dropcam but it does not suit the environment specs here in Canada. Any other prsuggestions for cams and relevant onsite storage?

Thanks in anticipation.

Are all the cameras supposed to wirelessly connect to a single point/house/entry? Or can each camera wirelessly connect to the nearest home? The recommendations likely differ depending on which approach you take.

Btw, our discussion on "Strongest WiFi Signal" touches on a lot of the technical points in connecting cameras over a larger residential area.


Thanks for the headsup on wifi setup.

As far as system is concerned; all cameras are required to connect to a single location(guard office) where storage and relevant network equipments resides.

So you need to create your own neighborhood wifi network for the cameras. And do the cameras need to be outside? I presume so since you cite environmental limitations for Dropcam.

The problem I see is that wireless outdoor cameras are a lot less common / costly, since pretty much all the ones with integrated wifi tend to be indoor only. It's obviously possible but that would likely mean connecting low cost wireless nodes (e.g., ubiquiti) to each camera.

Thanks John,

Yes, the requirement is for outdoor cams. I agree on your comments for outdoor wireless solution too.

Will look into Wireless node option now.