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Outdoor, Walk Up Camera For Drivers Licenses, Hardend, Under An Over Hang?

I am trying to locate a device for a specific application. We would like to make an out door kiosk for freight drivers to use. The driver arrives at the gate, gets out of the truck, approaches the un manned kiosk is capatured on camera and places their photo ID against a window or screen that captures that image also.

We would save the to camera views to a data base for audit. Maybe a piece of software that reads the license would be very nice, but not required.

Anyone know of anything ?

We did something similar many years ago with a board camera we put in a PVC box that we cut a slot into that also had a micro switch to turn on a night light bulb inside the box to illuminate the license when inserted. The rest is just the capabilities of your VMS recorder

I'm hoping, in fact I almost remember seeing something in shiney stainless steel, with a hardened plexy window that some one can place the id card or licesne against and it front lights and captures the image ??

You must be as old as I am cause they used to made by RCA or Vicon a long time ago as the only way to integrate access control and CCTV. I came across them at a GMC car factory way back when.

I remember seeing an outdoor rated flatbed scanner for taking images/OCRing Picture IDs. I do not think it could 'take pictures' like a video camera, but it could easily be combined with a regular surveillance camera.

I'm digging for details. I'll post back when I find what I'm remebering.

Keep em coming,

I never think of anything without eventually coming across one commercially available.

Apparently what I lack in original thought I make up for in plagiaristic tendencies ...

^^ Oh, so you're an engineer! :)

I found this: (Snapshell R2)

But, it isn't what I was remembering. A few questions about the application:

Are you able/willing to piece together a kiosk for this? Will every component be exposed to the outside environment, or can you construct a box or 'lean-to' booth to shelter the equipment?

All good questions. The application is sort of a work in progress. We have the need identified, and I felt sure I had seen the device previously. If fact I thought it was at the ADI counter in one of their random vendor displays ... But now that I suggested it, it's no where to be found.

The environment in most places will be a gate and we will build a walk up pedistal type arangement, single overhang perched atop a single pole ....

Dennis, maybe this is what you saw at ADI: Eye-D Cam

Hey Mark:

That's exactly what I was thinking of/looking for! Nice work!