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Outdoor Vertical 19" Rack Enclosure

Is anyone aware of a vertical outdoor 19" rack enclosure that would be able to accomodate equipment of not more than 4U? The space available for the installation of cush a cabinet is very limited thus the vertical concept.

Thank you all in advance,

Hello Nicholas:

I have not used this product, but I found Hoffman's outdoor rated 4U vertical rack:

Online pricing is all over the place on this unit, between ~$2800 and $4600. Hoffman sells direct, so that may be the best choice.

The challenge with these genera types of racks:

  • The rack needs it's own heating and cooling, since it is not in a purpose built closet. This drives cost.
  • The extra ventilation, heating, and cooling requires maintenance beyond a typical enclosure. This also drive cost.
  • Because they are internally temperate, lots of bugs, birds, and rodents try to infiltrate them or build nests on them. (Blowing warm exhaust? Perfect spot for a rat's nest!)
  • They are heavy and may require special mounting hardware, heavy duty poles, and craft labor to install. (Extra Cost)
  • They typically require a high-voltage interconnect. In the US, this means involving an electrician or even running new circuits.

In summary: there is a high and ongoing cost element to using these racks.