Microsemi PDS-102GO Outdoor PoE Switch Experience?

Anyone have any experience with this unit?

Yes, I had occassion to use one of these a couple of months ago. I was designing a system that had 2 cameras out a gate with local power and a wireless data connection back to the head end, and needed something to connect and power the cameras. It seemed just by chance that it had exactly the number of ports I needed (2 PoE & 1 non PoE), but maybe this is a typical need for outdoor applications.

It worked fine and seemed quite robust. My only complaint was related to the power cord. You have to supply your own and wire it up to the included weather resistant connector. Even reading the directions, it was a little tricky to figure out that the wrench for disassembling the connector was molded into the back of the port cover. Also, there is an optional mounting kit that I though might be needed, but is only required for pole mount applications. For mounting to a flat service, the mounting kit is not needed.