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Raindrops On Glass Of Outdoor Housing - Solution?

Hi Folks,

We're looking to switch from Dotworkz because of clients complaints about raindrops on the glass. We use an MVP which has a heater/blower and 1 - 12 vdc and 1 - 24vdc to power the Axis cam and router.

The only thing that we've found so far that will fit the components is a Pelco 5729 - 2. It has a 24 vac that we need to convert to dc. Anybody have any suggestions?

Vendor suggestions are welcome too. Current vendor is not helpful...


Are you sure the problem is due to a faulty enclosure? If you are trapping condensation in the enclosure without using a dessicant pack you're going to have the same problem in other enclosures.

It's the outside raindrops...

Aside from the Dotworkz S-Type and Pelco model you mention, the only very large camera housing I know of is the Videotec HGV.

Alternatively, you could mount the camera to a cabinet, like Axis shows with their T98 enclosures, and put the router in there.

If you need a board to convert 24VAC or 110VAC to 12/24 VDC, they're easily available also. I just can't remember, nor quickly find, the Altronix part number I'm thinking of.

Also general point about the Pelco and Videotec housings versus the Dotworkz: They have a separate sun shield, with space in between it and the housing itself. This usually helps to shield the glass from rain, at least somewhat. You'll still get water running down the housing and possibly onto the housing's glass, but it should be less, especially in a downpour.

In a former company I worked for they used to sell a speed dome with that separate sun shield and we never had any complaint about drops falling in the dome.

Notice that I'm in Brazil, where usually rains a lot

You could use Rainex, but you're going to have to reapply it four or five times a year. Depending on labor costs and camera totals, that may or may not be cheaper than swapping the housings out.

I've heard the aviation version of Rain-x for airplane windshields works wonders and lasts a long time, but don't remember the brand name.

It doesn't. At least on Pelco domes.

Hello John M,

We do offer different solutions for cleaning of the housing glass. If you have a standard (not industrial application), we do offer a variety of enclosure equipped with wiper and eventually washers.

Take a look at our HOV model which is probably the most suitable for a standard camera. Larger enclosures equipped with wiper are HEG and HGV. Unfortunately they all work in 24VAC equipped with wipers.

You can trigger the wiper via a dry contact and eventually use the camera I/O or also via a RS485 when used along the washer.

You can take a look at this video where you can see a wiper and washer in action on a PTZ camera:

Please let me know if you need additional info.

Gianni Viero


Hi Folks,

Thanks for all of your input. We're still in the hunt but we did speak with Dotworkz and they are designing a rain/sun shield, just not sure when it will become available.

Thanks again.