Outdoor Camera With Built In Audio

So I got call from customer. Who want an outdoor camera that has built in audio. He want to record audio of barking dogs at apartment that he owns.

He also want to install it himself.

I was thinking just selling him 4CH with built in PoE NVR. Hikvision/duhua/samsung

Having hard time finding camera with built in microphone and outdoor rated. My guess because doesn't work very well.

Anyone have any ideas on a good solution for

1 camera

simple to install

cheap 500 dollar range

Lee, here are 8 outdoor IP cameras with built in mics under $200.

With audio, I always worry about audio quality, which is harder to tell from specs.

Since its just one camera and depending on if the retention period is short enough, maybe consider using edge recording with 12V power? Or cloud recording? 6 of 8 that John linked to support edge recording.

Just to save the setup and expense of the POE switch and NVR.

I work for FLIR. The FX with the accessory housing would work.

Can the FLIR FX's rapid recap be configured to trigger on audio events?

Rapid Recap is video object driven so it won't do that. You can choose to record and alert based on audio events. They will be marked as such. Audio is very sensitive so there will likely be many events.
Mobotix is the only clear choice if you want good audio and forever reliability

My Mobotix q24 is around 5 years old and the audio still works reliably.

The latency is still around 5 seconds, reliably.

It only took 5 days for the "Mobotix" line to come up! Do they finally sell a sub 500 camera?

Hi Lee,

Have you looked at the AXIS M3037-PVE? It is outdoor and has a built-in microphone (and speaker). You could even run our Sound Intelligence Barking Dog Detection Application on the camera to automatically detect (and based on that record) barking dogs.

Kind regards,

Derek van der Vorst (Sound Intelligence)