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Outdoor Activation/Deactivation Of An Alarm Panel.

What are some ideas to cost effectively arm/disarm an alarm panel at the entrance to a property (about a 100ft from the main building) without running wires? Preferably some sort of keypad or remote recepter. Something battery powered....?

Thanks for the suggestion, Matt. May be worth looking at.

Based on lines of thought here and some more searching I also found this remote wireless keypad and receiver from Linear.

Some good leads to call on Monday. Thanks.

What about something like this (GSM Remote Control Switch)? (NO affiliation, just the first hit I got searching the concept)

That would definitely work with a Vista 20.

It's too bad the Vista 20 doesn't support prox readers, then you could have used the receiver I mentioned above in wiegand mode and and been able to identify who was arming and disarming (same as with a card) using the remote

Thanks, Mark.

Brian, it's an Ademco Vista20.

If you know how to connect a relay to an input of the alarm panel, you can connect the relay output of a receiver like this one to an input of your alarm panel programmed as a keyswitch input. You program the wireless receiver to toggle open/closed when you press one or more of the buttons of a wireless remote like this one.

You can have one button disarm and another arm or have the same button toggle open/closed on the relay. The receiver will work at up to 600 feet line of sight (maybe half or less of that distance if the receiver is installed inside of a garage) and you can have up to 600 remotes programmed into it in standalone mode

Hello Undisclosed: Any details on the exact panel make/model you can share?