Out Of The Ring: Why Did Evander Holyfield Follow Milestone And IPVM?



1. He is planning to challenge Daryl Strawberry for the ISC East Keynote and wants to brush-up.

2. He is part of Milestone's third competitive offer: Drop Genetec or get dropped by Holyfield.

3. He is the new spokesperson for Hikvision's low-light camera line.

Any others?

What a bizarre discussion. I notice he also followed Supercircuits as well.

Perhaps Milestone is offering Supercircuits a 50% discount and Supercircuits is going to get Holyfield to be the spokesman for it.

(my speculation)

His twitter account is being managed by a PR firm. They are trying to increase his follower count. You'll likely see him unfollow you, and several others, in a month or so. They are trying to get your awareness, and get you to follow him.

I see this sort of thing all the time on my twitter account, I get follows from noteworthy people, and then a while later they unfollow (regardless of if I follow them back or not).

"They are trying to get your awareness"

Mission accomplished...

Who else do you know that's made $6,000,000 from CCTV, in one night?

Martin Gren?