Our [M]Otel Had An Interesting Key Policy...

Came across this in an IT forum. Thought it would be nice as weekend chat fodder. The interesting thing is this video was posted on June 4th and as of June 11th got 4.8 million views (7days)?!

A spokeswoman for Choice Hotels later told MailOnline Travel that it has terminated the property's franchise licensing agreement following a review of the incident.

Another example of loosing money because you didn't spend money on proper training, equipment or service.

Perhaps they were trying save on card stock.

I'm guessing this was a straight up training failure. Someone did not train employee how to properly configure/manage the card system. Geez.

Incidentally, in many cases, throwing the latchbolt turns the reader off, so the lesson: always lock your doors when inside to combat lazy hoteliers.

Security thru obscurity; though very little of either.

Once thing I learned about these types of locks was they are generally not connected/networked to any central system. Rather, they get all their information thru the keys used in them.

For instance, when you lose you room key and go ask them for another at the desk, you may think that they make your old key not work when the print the new one. But really what they do is print you a new key with a new code that also says "don't allow card xxx" to work anymore.

Upshot is that your room is not safe until you use the key.