Our ISC West Mega Event Is On! Tell Us What You Want

We are doing our biggest event ever at ISC West 2013. We have rented a 2400 sqft ballroom in the Venetian all day on Thursday April 11th. Now, we want your opinion on what events to hold.

You'll get intelligent conversation, networking and a chance to meet the IPVM team free from manufacturer sponsorships and pitches.

Here's my first draft on the day's events:

9 am - End User Only Meetup - The IPVM team will help end users to find the right products for their needs.

10 am - Panoramic Shootout Results Revealed - With a live system, we will show and explain who did the best and worst among Axis, Panasonic, Mobotix, Vivotek, Immervision, Sentry360 and more.

11:30 am - The Manufacturer Marketing / PR / Sales Meetup - A peace offering to our enemies, we will host lunch, mingle and discuss ways to help manufacturers responsibly get the word out on their products.

1 pm - Trends in Access Control - Our first ever access control event will look at what's new and discuss how IPVM can improve access control information.

3:30 pm - The Death of VMS Servers Has Begun? - A debate on the futue of VMS systems as intelligent cameras, NASes and cloud services rise.

4:30 to 6pm - The Tech Meetup - Open to all engineers, product managers and IPVMU certified professionals, we will have drinks, discuss industry trends and what's new.

Ok, that's my initial thoughts. What do you think? Questions? Comments? Want to see something else covered?


Scheduled IPVM events would be great if this was a normal ISC for us but due to our scheduled meetings with certain manufacturers and integrators and tours of Surveillance rooms, we have limited show floor time and aren't certain we could attend any specific event. Will there be some unscheduled time(s) where we could just "pop in"?

Hi Carl, it would be far less efficient overall to have people randomly popping in at unscheduled times. If you are not sure of your schedule on the show floor, the tech meetup from 4:30 to 6pm would likely be best as the show floor closes at 5pm.

So, how are you going to schedule this? Are you going to ask IPVM members to "sign up" for particular events on your schedule? Close the ballroom once an event starts? Have a registration desk? Breaks between events?

By the way, I'm neither "engineers, product managers and IPVMU certified professionals".

Yes, we are going to do a sign up / registration starting next week. We've done that in the past and it has worked well.

John, will you be recording any of these presentations? I'm not going to ISC this year, but I would be very interested to see a couple of these presentations (the Panoramic Shootout and The Death of VMS Servers particularly). I understand it's hard to record an open discussion like that, but still...

Elliot, we will be doing full posts on these topics, but not recording the sessions. Those posts will be similiar in structure to our recent WDR shootout. Recording live sessions, unless heavily edited and produced, would likely be boring plus I want attendees to feel free to talk openly without concerns that it will be republished. That said, all the key concepts and issues will be published here.

Understood, thanks John. I look forward to reading both of those.

Poor us outside USA who dont get to meet IPVM

Wassim, sorry! In fairness, though, ISC West is an international show, with a lot of people coming from beyond the US and Canada.

What show(s) do you normally go to? I am not opposed to doing another major international ones.

Every few years I fly to Dubai to see Intersec, the biggest security exhibition in the middle east. Will definitely fly there if you come. Its in Jan/Feb every year.

Wassim, thanks. We might consider Intersec and I've been there once before. The challenge for me is that it's really far away, literally the other side of the Earth for me. That said, in the future, it might make sense for at least one of us to go.

You can assign me as IPVM Middle East rep, and vwoala! IPVM has presence on the other side of the earth!

That would be awesome! :) In the future, I really would like to have IPVM team members outside the US. If you or anyone else is seriously interested, drop me an email (john@ipvm.com). For those outside the US, my main concern, beyond technical skill, is English writing ability since what we do is so heavily dependent on writing posts/articles/reviews.

I'm debating as to attend or not... I usually like the education but there are only two classes I'm currently interested in taking, one is the something bidding process and the other is how to write a service maintenance agreement. Other than that, the only other interest is the exhibits and of course, the IPVM event, especially the access controls trend workshop. :D

I plan on attending; not sure which session yet, but I'll be sure to register.


Will you be doing it at the ISC East event?

Hi Carolyn - yes, but I'm not sure which session(s). My schedule is pretty full already, but I think it would be valuable to at least attend the "End User Only Meetup" session

Carolyn, we don't go to ISC East, mainly because it's so much smaller and less influential.

Hi John! Any chance to have something similar in a near future at the IFSEC International at the NEC Birmingham?

Tiago, I don't know about this year in Birmingham but maybe 2014 in London. Among other things, for flights from America, London is a ton easier.

Looking forward to it!