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Other Than Sureview, Are There Any Other Options For Remote Video Monitoring?

A customer of mine with a security guard company wants to try and offer remote video monitoring services. He's been looking at SureView. Are there any competitors out there he should consider?

They're looking to provide the video monitoring service themselves, or resell another service?

There are platforms from i-View, MASMonitoring, IBSoft, or cloud connecting platforms from VMS manufacturers (Avigilon Blue, Genetec Security Center Cloud or Stratocast, EagleEye), just to name a few options.

Ultimately I think we would need a little bit more information about the services they're looking to offer: Live Remote Monitoring, 2-way Audio, Alarm Video Verification, Virtual Guard Tours, etc...

They want to offer virtual guard services to their customers as an enhancement to their current security guard services. They want to do everything in-house, not resell services. Their customers have a variety of camera systems, so simply remoting in to their systems is going to be impractical. Ultimately, they plan on trying to sell tiered plans, from full-blown armed response to alarms down to virtual guard tours with video escort. 

They currently have a security guard at each contracted site to monitor cameras, but would like to consolidate and have a single security operations center, thus eliminating multiple positions. They already have the space in their offices. 

Host your own VMS. AWS or Azure your choice on VMS software. Pick up the camera's second stream.

Client end, either their IT provides you a pipe or you provide your own.

Clients pay the IP license(your choice of contract type, leased, cost-plus, annual) dispatched guards can have mobile feeds.

Incident storage fees may apply.

Your GSOC can produce reports for open and closed incidents to supply back to the customer.

Finally add some analytics... Vintra

IPConfigure's Orchid VMS Cloud Service

My recommendation is that you dip a toe in first by offering this service to your customers using a 3rd party monitoring company who provides the remote monitoring.  This will give you time to learn whats needed in order to deploy your in-house operation properly and smoothly. It will be transparent to your customers, you'll market & brand it under your name and if you choose the right monitoring center partner the customer won't know its not your in house people doing it unless you tell them (that's an ethical question you'll have to decide).

I've talked to a lot of guard companies who had the same thought you're having and I love that your industry is finally braving the technology world (5 yrs ago I couldn't get most of them to even have an 80ft conversation about it).  Frankly, what I learned from my interface with the guard company community is that most of them are no where near close to knowledgeable enough about networking, bandwidth considerations, detection analytics programming etc. and will just get themselves mired in mud jumping right in.  The danger is that they (you) don't know what you don't know and I promise you its a heck of a lot more than you imagine.

Why do I know this?  Because I wanted them to build out a monitoring center in their offices and I was going to provide them the cameras in the field and I, like them, thought it would be a walk in the park.  When I couldn't get them to talk about it, I decided to do it myself and thankfully I used a 3rd party monitoring company.  Not because that was the "dip your toe in" right thing to do but because it was the least costly way for me to get my cameras out there and start getting RMR rolling.  So for me it was dumb luck. As it turned out, I learned SOOOOOOOOOOO much in the process and even with 3rd party it was painful, that I now feel qualified to give my recommendation on the subject.  Been there, done that, and thankful the Universe interceded and prevented me from trying to jump right in where I'm certain I would have lost my butt.  The things I learned that I didn't know I didn't know would have killed my business immediately had I run into them on my own.

In answer to the question:  Yes, there are many more options other than Sureview and you should explore them ALL before making an investment and more importantly before trying to implement it on your current customers.  The last thing in the world you need is to implement it badly and lose customers over it.   A lot of vendors offering central station monitoring software will try to sell you on jumping in but be very careful because that's probably a salesperson your talking to and once he books the business and turns you over to tech support you're really on your own.  There are all kinds of gotcha's having nothing to do with the software that isn't your software companies job to warn you about so you'll find out when you run into a customer who doesn't have an "IT Dept" and expects you to be it and then you find out that the switch they use won't work or the cameras are alarming out of control and now you have to be the camera expert etc.  

A good 3rd party monitoring company can help walk you through a lot of that so you can learn of the pitfalls and deploy a few customers with that 3rd party safety net before you go all out.

Full disclosure:  we've been in business now using a 3rd party provider (Eyeforce) for 5 years.  You'd have to ask them directly what central station software they use but I believe they've been happy with it and from my end, we've had no problems.  

I'm happy to talk to you or your customer directly and share my experiences if that will help.

"Their customers have a variety of camera systems, so simply remoting in to their systems is going to be impractical." IPVM Profile

This will solve that initial problem. Then the managed service component is up to you as far what they would be monitoring. There is no single VMS that can work with all those cameras systems.



and you may run into the issue of the existing camera technology being too old to work with the system you select regardless.  There are limitations for sure.

I have been most impressed with Chekt’s offering. It’s very impressive and well thought out. The CheKT video monitoring portal 

Yes, CHeKT has a great solution to allow an integrator to use an existing alarm panel and sensors and pair them with most any camera brand. The video verification is sent when the alarm panel is in alarm and can be monitored by any central station software.

After checking with John Honovich I am happy bring to your notice my company ASANTech Ltd.

We have been specializing in large scale video monitoring service solutions in Scandinavia about 10 years now. In the largest system we have in production we have more the 4000 recorders of about 10 different brands with more than 70 000 cameras. There are several (10-35) concurrent 24/7-operators monitoring customer sites in real time. This implementation is integrated with the local alarm/incident management system and has been in production for about 7 years.

After getting our new architecture and next generation solutions into production this year we are now looking at entering the US markets. To date we have delivered our software only to some cruise ships in the US.

We have extensive range of video monitoring software solutions and consulting services for remote monitoring operators and large end customer organizations. Many of our experiences cannot be shared on public forums.

I would be happy to tell more about our solutions and references. Please contact me directly. 

Antti Laine (

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