OT: NFPA 72 And Residential Smoke Detector Layout

Offtopic: Does anyone observe NFPA 72 guidelines in resi smoke detector systems?

This is from a Honeywell install book:

There are some pretty atypical/ uncommon recommendations here.

1. 2 types of 'detectors': Smoke and Heat. Who installs heat detectors that aren't combo smoke/heats?

I get in some areas you want heat, but not smoke, like in a kitchen. Are heat-only sensors commonly installed? (They aren't in my area, nor have I seen them in typical houses.)

2. Smoke Detectors for 'additional protection' in bedrooms are not mandatory. In most cases, AHJs won't approve this and make smokes in bedrooms mandatory, right?

3. Heat Detectors in attics? I can assure you that installing a heat detector in a stiflingly hot box is not a common thing in the south US. Is it elsewhere?

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