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OT: Iphone/Android/Windows/Blackberry And Pc/Mac/Linux

Posting from my Galaxy S3, normally work on a PC, Ubuntu (Linux) on my home desktop.

Btw, how does IPVM look/work on a Galazy S3? Any feedback would be appreciated. We just made some improvements but are looking to do more before ISC West.

Split time between PC, Air and iPad. No smartphone.

I do the most of my surfing and commenting on the S3. Having a clean, basic layout IPVM displays well, except when my text goes to the right side of the comment box the screen doesn't scroll properly with the text so I do lose sight of what I was typing but I use SwiftKey for my keyboard which is really predictive and helpful.

Ok, great, I filed it as a bug. We'll take a look to see what we can do to make the comment box not have issues on the right side.

I think it has to do with how the fonts are scaled in the comment vs the discussion text. It might also just be an issue with the Android Chrome browser...

Tested it with the main Android browser, and confirmed its an issue with the Android Chrome browser

Thanks, we'll still take a look.

iPhone, iPad, Macbook Air, HP laptop. Woo!

Where does the hp laptop fit in vs Mac Air with bootcamp?

Sean, the HP came first, and the Macbook is my own, not a work PC.

I do run Parallels on the MBA, with no issues so far, with pretty much anything, and I do play the occasional Steam game on it. But most Windows things I need for work are on the HP. It's an Exacq server, and has six different clients on it, and I don't want to worry about running those things in Windows on my Mac.

I actually think that when I get a new work laptop, I'll probably run VMWare on it to keep client installs separate, because I've discovered quite a few of them run services that I do not want running all the time.

Index page looks pretty good in Dolphin Browser on my HTC Desire HD, but it seems to default to Articles and doesn't give me links to Discussions or anything else... no login link, either. I have to go to the Full Site to see the rest.

Matt, thanks for sharing that picture. It helps to see what you are seeing.

Over the weekend, I filed an issue to add sub-navigation to all mobile pages. This will include a bar with links to all articles, discussions and search so that you can always access these 3 key areas without having to switch to the full site.

I think we'll leave the login link inside each relevant page - article, discussion, etc.

One other question I have: Does 'remember me' seem to work on mobile browsers? Obviously logging in on a smartphone can be a pain in the ass and I'd like to minimize that.

I found I was already logged in when I went to the full site there, so I must have logged in from Dolphin before... and it would appear "Remember" works.

Tried it in Chrome, but man... I remember now why I went back to Dolphin, Chrome on Android is a MAJOR PIG. Sucks, too, because I like having all my sync'd bookmarks.

BTW, note for those using ICS or JB: you should be able to take a screenshot from the power-button menu (you may have to enable it in the settings).

Interesting... just started Dolphin clean, went to "" and it started me in the Full site. Is there a link here anywhere to go back to the Mobile site??

That worked. Wonder if it retains that setting to a new session now...

I believe it stores it in a cookie so it should retain 30 days unless cleared or you click the 'full site' button.

Btw, mobile improvements are a top priority this week so expect them very soon.

If you don't want the mobile browser detection to take priority over the user's selection and force the mobile site on startup, I'd suggest at least adding a "Mobile Site" link to the full site... maybe have that conditional on mobile browser detection, although sometimes I find mobile versions of sites work a lot better on my netbook (just that much smoother) and it could be handy to have that link there all the time.

I just queued that up so the option to toggle back and forth is there.

Interestingly, I just added "&mobile=1" to the end of this thread's URL and got the mobile site showing... it does seem faster and cleaner on my netbook.

However, it doesn't give me any formatting options, or the ability to attach a photo. It WOULD be useful to have photo uploads available in the mobile version.

Matt, I replicated that. It looks like our WYSIWYG editor is not loading. I filed a bug and we'll look into a fix.

^I tried to attach a screenshot to that last post and it didn't work... is there a hard limit on dimensions, filesize, or file type? If so, maybe there should be a warning if it's exceeded - such as, "Sorry, max image size is 100kb", rather just leaving the poster guessing why the image didn't work?

I found that it loaded. We have a log/list of uploaded images but clicking on it does not display an image.

Here's the full URL: Pro Screen Capture #021 - 'OT_ iPhone_Android_Windows_BlackBerry and PC_Mac_Linux' - ipvm_com_forums_forums_video-surveillance_topics_ot-iphone-android-windows-blackberry-and-pc-mac-linux_pag.png

I am not sure if it's a syntax issue or what is causing the problem? I just filed it as a bug. If it's a naming issue, we can rename to something similar when uploading.

Hmmmm wouldn't surprise me if it doesn't like the single-quotes in the name. Let's try this...

Or it could be the "#" in the name...

Bingo! It doesn't like having a "#" in the filename.

Nice troubleshooting, it looks like, inside URLs, the "#" is a fragment identifier (such as HTML anchors). We'll just strip them before we commit to S3.