Opinions About AVTECH?

Is anyone using AVTECH Brand CCTV? We are planning to take dealership for AVTECH. I need your opinions regarding AVTECH.

#1, I spoke with a distributor who carries Avtech among many video surveillance lines. He was positive about it, noting:

Strength: reliability and price. Also, push video technology (there quite a few dealers who like it, although it requires hardware PIR)

Weakness: 3rd part integration.

Overall, Avtech does little marketing and is not well known so if you carry it, you will likely need to convince dealers why to go to it.

Btw, I checked Avech's financials and their revenue is crashing, down more than 50% in the past few years from $100 million to mid $40 millions.

Also, not surprisingly, stock price has collapsed:

That the distributor I spoke with is having success is good. That their financial numbers are tanking is bad but that's life with the Chinese race to the bottom.

AVTech (based in Taiwan) was a huge player in the CCTV market some 10 years ago (2004-2007) when they were one of the first Taiwanese companies to offer cost-effective DVR and analogue camera solutions. This was back in the golden times for Taiwanese and Korean companies (Ever Focus, Dynacolor, Pinetron) when they were selling DVRs and cameras at a higher price and the Chinese were still struggling to produce a decent DVR (Hikvision had only PC cards back then and Dahua was not heard of). AVTech were selling similar DVRs and cameras at a lower price. I visited their HQ office in downtown Taipei in 2011 and they were really a big company and we were making huge turnover with their products. But since then they were not able to keep pace with the Chinese giants, neither in products terms nor in price. So logically, the steep decline came, which is visible in the financial trend shown above.

So if I were you I would try to work with a second tier Chinese manufacturer instead of AVTech - check TVT, Jufeng/XM, Uniview, they could be a better alternative for a partnership.

Rumen, good feedback about Avtech.

I am curious - after the Mirai debacle, do you really think it is a good idea to partner / use Jufeng / Xiongmai?

Well, with Chinese manufacturers there is always a little bit of gambling :) But the good thing is that they are flexible enough and quick to learn, just as Hikvision did after the hacking scandal with the default passwords and telnet access two years ago. I would suppose that XM will also learn and improve the security, and they still are a manufacturer with very large capacity, huge portfolio options and good OEM experience. So that's why I think they are worth to be considered.

The manufacturers listed above are mostly Chinese manufacturers so the problem is when the customer hears Chinese brand its mostly hard to convince him.

Anyway, thanks for your suggestions.

Ah, I see. Well, AVTech is Taiwanese - I wonder if this is somehow more acceptable for a customer who has suspicions about Chinese equipment. Actually, I saw they had a booth at Intersec Dubai 2 weeks ago, some IP cameras and NVRs were exhibited there, but quite few and nothing really catchy.

If you have Avtech (or OEM) w/ port forwarding or w/ UPNP, you should take some actions and take them offline ASAP... just started to look where to report. (If any official Avtech see this, please contact me by e-mail)

Contact with Avtech established.

One thing that hit me with surprise, compare the results between Shodan.io and Zoomeye.org

Approx >700,000 difference - who to trust?

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AVTECH have very good quality and long life time

and need to consider that about the quality you should compare AVTECH with high quality products and brands like Axis, Bosch,Avigilon and etc but with Asian products prices