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Lenel VS Openoptions?

OpenOptions VS Lenel? Plus & Minus? Anyone worked on the both systems? Opinions please.

Which Lenel system? OnGuard, Prism, Skypoint, goEntry, goVision, etc. etc?

with OnGuard

Until recently, they were both Mercury-based hardware systems, so that aspect was fairly consistent among the two.

OpenOptions has a 'lightweight' interface and is fairly easy for a casual user to learn.

Lenel (depending on the system version) can be heavily integrated with other systems, and is generally more complex to learn. However, full-time or skilled operators are able to administer the system with greater granular detail compared to OpenOptions.

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Anyone know the outcome of the Lenel / Mercury litigation?

So it looks like Mercury essentially won. My understanding was that the issue was Lenel selling those non-Mercury/pseudo Mercury panels. The settlement now states that "Lenel will not actively quote or market Lenel Universal’s IOs (UIOs)"

I have been a dealer of both products for 3-5 years. Feature for feature I enjoy Open Options better. It has an easier GUI and is more intuitive. Lenel has enterprise options that Open Options doesn't though - i.e. Biometric template management and regional server architecture.

Build your requirements and if both system meet them than I recommend Open Options. It will have a lower TCO and the staff is more customer service oriented. Go with Lenel if you have extremley stringent alarm monitoring and uptime requirements and are willing to pay more and spend more time managing these options.

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Do youstill feel the same way now about Open Options?


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RS2, Open Options, S2.... i've used all 3 and all have their genuine merits vs a Lenel system.

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