ONVIF Is A Gift From God

For all you ONVIF fans, enjoy:

The Sistine Chapel meets IP video surveillance, via Nuvico.

That banner on their website has made me laugh everytime I see it. "Hi, I'm Nuvico, and I come late to the IP game and finally release an IP system. I'm sorry that our IP cameras only work with our NVR and our NVR isn't compatible with any other cameras. But wait, we now release the same cameras that are now ONVIF compliant. These cameras are compatible with everything but our own NVRs."

I do like their EasyNet platform but I don't like how I can't use any of their NVRs because I don't like their overpriced IP cameras and being locked into one brand of IP cameras. It would be one thing if they were one of the first to join the IP game but they were one of the last so there is no reason why there stand alone NVR isn't ONVIF compliant.

In the end, Nuvico's use of ONVIF is not a gift from God. Why would I look to their IP cameras compared to all the other offerings.

[IPVM Note: Matt Bischof works for Nuvico.]

Hi Kyle-

Yes, the banner has garnered a lot of attention... That was the idea; it's made for quite the conversation piece.

You're, of course, referring to our closed IP video solution based on the EasyNet platform, which is not ONVIF. Although insanely easy to use, the EN NVR is inherently closed loop, which is WHY it'a so simple. I'm glad to hear you like our DVRs- the EasyNet NVR is equally as intuitive, using the same CMS and Touch HD mobile app, the most feature-rich and well-performing mobile app available today.

It really sounds like the SN Series NVR is a better fit for you, given that it supports ONVIF- something worth looking at if you're a NUVICO fan.

Thanks for your support.


I'm sure I don't need the SN series NVR. I like the form factor of the EN series. Smaller clients don't need a rack mount chassis. If the software is sold separatly, I would build my own PC to suit my needs just like I can with other software products.

I find other NVRs that support ONVIF easy to use as well and I like logging into the cameras for further configuration. Because it is a closed system, I have looked elseware for NVRs despite liking the software. The only problem with the software is it would be nice to have a single sign-in for all sites and a global user manager for multiple sites. I haven't seen this functionality in the CMS or the DVR.

FYI, you should disclose that you work for Nuvico before making claims using descriptors such as insanely easy and so simple. This makes for more of a marketing advertisement.

I like how all the VMSes are portrayed as cherub-esqe angels within the cloak of the Almighty. I'm sure they like that too.

To that end, Milestone/OnSSI should be a two headed angel, or maybe conjoined twins. And 'Exacq' should be within the cloak of a dark angel named 'Tyco".

Fun ideas. At least we covered their junk.

So we are all clear:

Nuvico = great stuff

Milestone / OnSSI / Exacq / Genetec = "junk"

I think by 'junk', Mr. Bischof is referring to 'unmentionable appendages', not product quality.

John are you OK ?

u forget to mention Avigilon :)

It was Nuvico who forgot

The ad doesn't make sense to me... can you please explain wtf that illustration is supposed to represent? Thanks.

I guess ONVIF is the magic that makes everything work and the solution to the "Theory of Everything" that explains the multiverse.

But seriously I now consider Nuvico up there with such acts as Child Birthday Magicians. As an Engineer I deplore marketing stunts like this as it just makes my job more difficult.

"Get in your mouse.... and get outa here."

I like Child Birthday Clowns way better than Child Birthday Magicians

HAHAHAHA....I love this ad!....Thank You Nuvico for making my Monday morning entertaining.

ONVIF has been anything but a gift from god. Nuvico really should be mentioning ONVIF 2.0 profile S and get their product listed instead of wasting their time with silly but amusing ads.

Nuvico's EasyHD cameras are listed under Profile S conformant.

That's what the ad should have been about lol

Nuvico Installers:

Nuvico Installers

"We're on a mission from God!"

Sweet. Wonder if I can get the rights to that...