ONVIF Chairman Embarrasses Again

SourceSecurity has a roundtable on "How can security integrators replace revenue in the age of commoditisation?"

The panelist were asked: "Given the increase in commoditised hardware (i.e., lower profit margins), how should security integrators replace that profit/revenue?"

Each response gives advice on how to make more money, except for the ONVIF chair, who says:

This is definitely nothing new for the industry! Technical development has always influenced industries to not only accept new technical innovations, but also to adjust their business models to the “new game”. From my point of view, standardisation plays a very important role in this changing landscape, especially now when so many talk about IoT or connected devices in so many different applications. Without standards, I do not think a true IoT will become a reality! I think it is unavoidable that those that are unable to adopt to new conditions stand to risk losing out or being left behind in the race.

So standards are going to help integrators replace revenue? How? Why? Any attempt to answer the question posed?

In fairness, this is not even his worst. Past hits include:

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It is as if Axis took their least qualified senior person and shunted him on ONVIF.

Seems like a presidential candidate reply. Totally not answering the question but sounding intelligent in the process. In all honesty, it kind of is a hard question to answer. I think when posed with a hard question to answer, resorting to "smart sounding" rambling is always the best choice. Not sure if I could have done it any better on the spot. I would have been like "give me 10 minutes to think of a response"

Not sure if I could have done it any better on the spot.

No one is on the spot. The tables are only metaphorically round, and only metaphorically tables as well.

Most likely its just an e-mailed question.

These things are almost certainly emailed. 'Roundtable' is more of a metaphor than an actual description.

Well said :)

How about this for a 30 second thought.

"New technology will allow integrators to charge for solutions that were preciously out of budget because there was either no solution before and the losses were accepted, the solution was manpower based and the technology solution will be less costly and more effective or the technology will be the only solution".

Where in that statement is there anything that hasn't been said 100 times in a variety of ways by different technology partners.

Or.....he could say "Listen, I plan to make the industry great again" and throw say bad stuff about PSIA.

How about

"Commoditisation will allow penetration into new market segments thru falling prices. At the same time, widespread ONVIF compatibility will increase the efficiency of the integrator by reducing implementation complexity. Integrators wishing to increase revenue in such a climate are therefore advised to streamline their process to accommodate a greater number of jobs in a shorter time span."

You know the old "do more jobs, faster."