ONVIF And RS485 PTZ Control


When fixed camera with RS485 port is Onvif Profile S compatible and on the Onvif certificate it says PTZ=yes, does it allow to control PTZ functions of telemetry connected to it through that RS485 port?


RS-485 is essentially Out of Bound Communications. It has nothing to do with ONVIF or even the IP side of things. You connect a controller and move the camera around. ONVIF is ONLY for when you connect to and manipulate the camera via the network interface.

I don't think it will work. It's not even guaranteed to work when PTZ control is purely over IP :)

Thank you for your reply but what I meant was that if I have fixed camera connected to VMS through Onvif and that camera is connected to PTZ telemetry through its RS485 port, can I control PTZ movement of that camera from VMS?

When I go into Onvif certificate for fixed camera let say Hikvision DS-2CD4032FWD it says it supports PTZ through Onvif - so what does it mean really?

Ah. The camera has RS-485 OUT to control an external PT unit. Then, yes you should be able to send PTZ controls via ONVIF to the camera out to the PT unit.

However, as others have mentioned, ONVIF doesn't always work 100%. Some VMS may know that the camera model is a fixed camera, and not allow PT operations.

You may also want to check the video profile. I have seen a PTZ camera where the indivudial video profile or stream didn't have the PTZ flag set (who knew that each stream has a PTZ flag....). You can use ONVIF Device Manager to view the camera and streams, and set to PTZ if needed.

Take a look here for a reference: https://st-nso-us.resource.bosch.com/media/en/us_product_test/02_products_1/02_contact_6/doc_21/adding_sony_ptz_camera_to_vsg.pdf