ONVIF Adds Form To Report Non-Conformant Products

Hadn't seen this before. Has anyone used it yet?

Someone needs to parse out this thread and submit:

List Of Manufacturers Faking ONVIF Conformance

Actually, you are reporting the "Non-Listing of Conformant Products".

How strange is that?

It took them 6 months to publish a web form, why would anything surprise you after that?

...why would anything surprise you after that?

Oh, I expect strange. That doesn't mean I can predict it though.

Also, not surprisingly strange was the fact hat on Oct. 10 they published a document called plainly "Non-conformant form", that they later yanked only to be replaced with "Report non-listed product form". Some legal fine point, perhaps?

The document seems like it means business, but I wonder if any measures will actually be taken after submission, or have they effectively set the form's POST action="http://onvif.com/dev/null".

Anyway, sarcasm aside, we must be supportive, lest we be accused of "Lighting a candle and cursing the glare."

Lol, they already have our list. They had it for a long time.

So, technically this is a form for reporting the "non-listing of conformant products."

Non-conformant products can use ONVIF all they want, as long as they can produce output from a failed test tool run. ;)

Well done, guys.

Or you can just fake a test report and send it in, not that anyone has told me that is happening....