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Onssi 4.0 And AXIS Entry Manager

OnSSI revealed release 4.0 yesterday and one of the big talking points was the integration with Axis Entry Manager. There is nothing in any of their documentation for this and I can't find anything in the software either. Does anyone know how this integration is suppose to work?

I haven't seen Milestone's version so am unable to comment on it.

Dan, thanks. How is this like / unlike / better / worse than Milestone's version? It sounds roughly similar.

The integration to Axis Entry Manager is an add-on for all Ocularis models and will be sold on a per door basis. Administration (enrolling cards, configuring access rules, etc) of the Entry Manager will still take place through the web GUI that Axis provides, but daily monitoring of activity will occur in the Ocularis Client. This provides side-by-side live monitoring of video as well as access control data in the same interface. Cardholder pictures and procedures can be displayed using customizable events and procedures. We are also providing an easy to use search tool and report generator that can be accessed in Ocularis Client.

We are in the process of finishing documentation and will be posting it to our web site when complete.