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Upgrading Older Onssi Verion

I have a couple of servers running NetDVMS 6.5g. OnSSI support advised and gave me the link that I needed to upgrade to RC-C 7.0 (and in doing this I will only be four upgrades behind).

My question is: should I attempt this upgrade on my own with my IT department, or should I bring in an OnSSI reseller tech to do it for me? I am more than willing to DIY this, but I don't want to screw anything up.

Anyone who can impart any wisdom (or horror stories) on the subject will be appreciated...


you will need to upgrade to Ocularis, that requiers a new license so you should make sure you are CURRENT.

Are you doing an in place upgrade or are you migrating servers? I suggest migratin to new hardware to enhance the peorformacne and allow you to protect the recorded video if needed.

The new platform needs SQL DB for the base.

I suggest getting an integrator to come in and advise on the nest solution for you. if you dont trust an integrator hire a conslultant to over see the job.

also if you have not herd Marty used to be an ONSSI instructior and im sure he can advise on the best path and get you intouch with the proper folks.


I work for an integrator and I have done quite a few large upgrades from older version of NetDVMS to Ocularis. I do all the planning and work on behalf of the customers.

Thanks 'A'!

I reached out to OnSSI yesterday - but Cynthia's issue falls somewhere between their support and pre-sales departments. She spoke with support and they gave her the documentation to complete the upgrade task... and OnSSI's presales technical team does not handle anything 'in production'.

OnSSI suggested to me that an upgrade from NetDVMS to RC-C 7.0 is something that should include Cynthia's OnSSI integrator partner. This is exactly the type of technical services issue that they are trained to provide to their end user customers.

OnSSI also suggested that the upgrade is an 'in place' upgrade - which is why they sent Cynthia the documentation to complete the task... however, if Cynthia is going to attempt the upgrade alone, I (personally) would tend to agree with Undisclosed A who suggests:

"Are you doing an in-place upgrade or are you migrating servers? I suggest migrating to new hardware to enhance the performance and allow you to protect the recorded video if needed." (my bold)


"I suggest getting an integrator to come in and advise on the nest solution for you. if you dont trust an integrator hire a consultant to oversee the job."

It's all about the data and your acceptable levels of 'risk'.

If the data must be retained, then lower your risk (of losing data) by copying the database, migrating to new hardware etc - before upgrading.

If the original database isn't needed, then you can 'risk' losing it by doing an in-place upgrade DIY style.

*I will add that, from my experience, in-place recording server upgrades are generally painless - unless there is an existing database issue on the original server that could cause problems with the upgrade process.

Both servers are in place and I am between OnSSI service companies right now. If I read you correctly, my best bet is to hire someone to do this as soon as possible. Right?

Anyway, thanks for the guidance!

I would not go as far as asying you need to upgrade ASAP, but you should definalty look into upgrading some time in the near future.

make sure the integrator you choose as qulified tech with a good under standing of the product both old and new.

make sure they give you a plan and a backup plan in case the upgarde does not go as planned.

Backups on NetDVMS are quick and easy. And restores are farly quick as well.

I'm still treading water here!

I have been in contact with 2 integrators who are quoting $100-$110 per hour at 6-8 hours just to assess the servers. Does that sound like it's in line?

Can you tell me what files need to be backed up? Our IT server person will do daily back ups on the servers if he knows what files to back up.

I appealed to OnSSI to roll back my SLC and DLKs so I could attach a replacement camera and submit a budget request for this upgrade. They did so, and I am very appreciative. Score 1 for OnSSI!

IPVM did an article about hourly rates.

Integrator hourly rates

I am an integrator. That said it does not sound out of line to me. Everyone has bills and expenses to pay and baby needs new shoes. But, what I don't think would be too out of line, is to ask for a flat rate project quote and or a cap on daily rates if the job takes all day. It's not like troubleshooting a problem where there is no telling how long it might take.

Or is it.....? Integrators, and computer/network technicans, and service people in many areas are always reluctant to quote flat rates, though, because even when a job sounds straight forward, sometimes there are unforseens. For rexample, is your server in proper working order, or is there something wrong with it that makes working on it really slow? Does it have a bad space in memory that isn't noticed while the system is running but comes up when installing software? Is there a bad spot on disk that keeps failing the upgrade? Is the RAID in a degraded state, slowing down the system, and no one noticed until you start the upgrade? Does the antivirus require an admin password to disable for the upgrade to work, but I have to wait for 40 minutes because you disappeared fixing someone's printer, then took 20 minutes more to find the person who has the password to disable the antivirus so the install can work right? These are all things that can come up, and I have seen come up, that makes service providers reluctant to quote flat rates. And more than once when I pointed out a problem that delayed the process that was beyond my control and not my fault, the client came back with "But you quoted me a flat rate and that's what I'm holding you to it."

Luis, points well taken and thanks for your candor!