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One PC Supporting 4 Monitors In Different Locations

Hello Everyone, I have an unusual request that I need help with. At a non-profit site the client would like to place 4 monitors in different locations. Ideally, those 4 monitors would be connected to one PC (to reduce cost and space limitation as well). Each monitor would display two tiles (2 cameras). They are using Genetec Security Center. One monitor would be directly connected to the PC. The three others would be in different locations but in the same floor. The monitors would not be too far from the PC and within the limitation of the Ethernet cable (Cat6). Currently, the PC has one monitor connected via VGA to Ethernet adapter. Would Security Center support it? I am thinking yes since this is similar to video wall or security room type of situation. With one big exception and that is the three of the four monitors are in different rooms. Hopefully, I have provided enough information. Please let me know if I missed anything. Paresh