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Error With Calculator?

One can he access any older version of the calculator, if one do he wishes? How may?

I need one where you can put in different distances on a 50mm lens and get the pixlperface number (in feet ok). The old one could do it but this one makes my 1 to 0 when i try different distances far away. I was in the stuck in the middle showing someone not important, and it gave away, can i finish with old basic bones model?

Does anymember see that to with me?

I also heard greatest version got rolled-over the other yesterday, but can he just get one that is not way off in the distance, even if one sacrifile new fun features afterall?

^ on webinar John showed to type super fast digits you can get some in before zero hits you, he got all up to 94. still beats me!

So you don't want us to make this work in the new version? You just want to get an old version?

I had the issue in the webinar but I just tried to replicate it but could not.

Can you explain again what you are doing?

"makes my 1 to 0" - When does this happen? When you delete all numbers in the distance field? When a 0 is displayed and I type any digit, it switches to that digit.

here you a do it quick by

  1. type 50 mm of lens lensgth
  2. type 5 feets of distance

On rolled-out one, when hit 5 for the feets, it make 0. for me. latest firefox win7. rolled-over one might work better i remember. i make a cell phone movie to show if nomember can he vouche my bug.

you can tell my skill way less than normal guy and i dont know by guts feel, only know that 5 not 0 but not that 238.7 is maybe so not right on-site job, so frigntened to say obvious hurtful data.

i can and just will trust but if you thumb it up first

Video to show off how it can work bad

First of all, best bug report we have ever seen!

Marty is working on a video blog response to you :)

Thanks for showing it.

I believe the issue is that we insert a 0 when a field is deleted. This, sometimes, but not always overrides numbers enter in after.

We will fix this. Thanks again.


You were right on the money! I award you one (1) correct horse.

Hi Marty, when try to get AOV (in degrees), using calculator using distance to scenery and width of scenery, it is hard for me for to get correct input/output units. Maybe not a problem for you. Thx!

By design, if you change the distance, it adjusts the width (and vice versa).

The reason is that changing distance could mean keeping the AoV the same and adjusting the distance OR adjusting the AoV and keeping the width the same. We had to choose one as the default.

Maybe this here one does what you want? (not sure why John didn't mention it, maybe its going away?)


As for what all affects what all, this is what I've gathered (manual mode):

All text entry fields will affect all others with two exceptions:

  1. Text entry fields on right never affect ones on left.
  2. Text entry fields on left never affect distance.

Double check, to be sure...

Tedor, this should be fixed now.

Instead of inserting a 0 when an entry is deleted, we just leave it blank. It's working a lot better for me. Try it out an let us know.

Ok, will give new vers. three Lucky Strike smokeout test. Thxs for pony marty, ill watch it very generally, and at any time!

Some other darn good news was that i worked around by good guessing, like this said you could do. 50mm lense looking 50m away must show exact side of ford ranger, (standard cab!) Now i just need to something to convert Rangers to Yugos. Hahaha. (5m it is really)

Thks again, really great learning!

Rangers to Yugos conversion chart! hahaha

We can put you in touch with Rukmini, and you two can be our field testers. Let us know what you find and I'll see if I can convince John to consider adding a menu to the calculator... :)

The Correct Horse: I also revisit - and link to - this gem on occasion.

Unbelievably, it was used in a campaign for Oreo Cookies.... check out the back story here on Reddit.

My Luckies' running out. Want to say it working, but its hard to do yet but maybe your new one is just in US .? Can you see vers. stamped # on yours to know if u got lastest/latest one?? Johns ownone is doing pretty much better, so can you giveit try of 50mm and then with 5 meter distance, and see if that a going well on your'ses browser? Looking howe others do it. Horse vidi on repeating - good luck.


I'm not sure what you mean... :(

It sounds like maybe you are not seeing the updated changes to the calculator?

The calculator is not a thick client - it runs in your browser. Have you cleared your browser cache?

As you did before (which really helped us understand) - can you send another video or screen capture that shows the issues you are having?

So I am to look of a total dumbstumper then? Will make more movie, but tell on me your browser-maker and browser-version ( with the os2 ) so i can use your right choiced kind in rerun filming of self-me?

Hi Marty,

Cleared browser cache and reloaded tool from new browser IE -11 session - still may have some issues when you change the Focal Length: (say from default 2mm to 20mm) and then change the Distancey: entry (usually by deleting the value in the field. When I change it sometimes displays an "Invalid Input!" value in the field. However, when I enter these values below they actually change on-the-fly as follows:

- type 5 it goes to 4

- type 6 it goes to 8

- type 3 it goes to 4.

However, once the first time sequence of numbers is entered, validated and displayed (i.e with the wrong value), the tool will then allow and accept whatever new value you enter on the next pass.

For what its worth, play with entering different combos in these fields and you'll see the varied results it returns - also was able to trigger the value displayed as "distance" in the same Distance: field.

Hi Pete,

Thanks for the report. I've been able to reproduce it and we'll get it fixed tomorrow / Monday.


Pete- way to say so! I award you and will nominate you one (1) correct truck if Marty nods off on it firstly.


Thanks for the tractor trailer vid - very entertaining....

When I came across the distance issue, a few days passed before I looked at it again, and found both this discussion and your creative "bug" vid which confirmed it for me....

Kudos to you too!


Peter, Tedor, the distance input error is fixed.

Make sure to force refresh the page to make sure the new version gets loaded.

Thanks again!

Great job everyone - I refreshed, reloaded (IE 11) and re-tested it again - and - it works!!

This great news, i confirm whatever you type stays typed!

But everybody is going to despict me for crashing parade too soon now:(((

The calculatator tells me 60mm lense is same good as 50mm lense, can that be by golly?

Pete W., does anything do anything anywhere differently on screen when you go from 50 to 60mm with the defaulter 1/3", 100ft dist, 1080P

Mine just stay 220.7 PPerF. I know, make video..

I reproduced it.

What's happening is that it is rounded to the nearest AoV. 50 and 60mm both round to 5°.

We'll fix this to show fractions of degrees, like 5.1° and 5.5°

This is fixed.

Please force reload the calculator page to get the new code.

It is i, a pain on the butt again. Customed codefix did help out for big numerbers. Thx a heaping on marty to get you my webinar question from this evening.

Problem though still: but even more buggy for littlier focal lengths, 9 of ten are woe wrong, (just me thinking out loudly).

it can make you believe a 1.5mm lense is same as 2.4mm or 2.5mm same as 3.4mm or to infintus and greater than.

Here vid: (use link, embeddor not work)

Tedor, thanks, good find.

It's a rounding error. The AoV stays the same when the focal length is between x.5 and x+1.4 The AoV changes at 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, etc.

We'll fix this asap.

This is now fixed. Thanks again.

good vid. suggestion: PC edits are in order at both 0:20 and 1:20

I am not PC, I am Mac.

Small minor glitch, only not to mention.

Some times I get yellowish hard hat guy in picture, leaned in like a fixture, no matter what I try shake off, (except hit him back with hard reset, but lose all digit that I inputs to-date)

I made permalink evidences (cool!), now people will easier believe me.



If you get a bigger sensor, hopefully you get a bigger scenic view, this shall hold always true, unexceptedly?

When the other parmeter keep unchanged.

Definately right?

Ok. The thing works like a champ!

Now i know what may be little problem. I think that calcer is using wrong value for sensor size 1/1.27". Look like using 5.8 mm, should maybe 5.4?

to test screwy, start from scratch values, take account of width, should say 240 fts. Now change sensor to 1/2.7", it show 292.6, which could be true, cause sensor bigger so width get bigger. But then change to 1/2.5", width get smaller now, to 287.8. Something glitched up, or could this be right on? Maybe someone can have me verified too?

good news! I ask Svet, he say "probably one line of code, min". But you must remember, Svet is no programmer - and a bad one at that! So...

Thanks. Checked in change. Will push out tomorrow.

Confirmed bug kill.

Just warning to anyone, if ever type 0 in angle for view (maybe as accident), calculator shall never recover fully from, without some hard resetting. (scenery flies right off its kilter)

Thanks, CD. Filed that as a low priority bug.

Pleasure be all mine, Sample PDF.

Have little prob using calculator:

When choosing Axis 4K P-1428e camera from list, it doesn't give me range for AOV, but the detailing page show varificle lens lengthen from 3.3 to 9.8 mm.

Also give ppf=0 for any feet away. Also finder not showing AOV on detailing page, just focalities.

Maybe im doing it wrong? (first time use model selector)

It's on our list to fix. It is because 4K is not defined yet in the calculator for models. Will be fixed this week.

Thx. I'm been using AOV from Axis data sheet direct into calc manual. This proposol is job site time laspe, from 55 meters away from building on 10 meter pole. Building better be 100 meter wide when done. So maybe ~100 degree horizontal with the varifical.

Question, Axis also only give horizontal AOV, but i need know vertical AOV, because they might want a little sky in picture, sunrising, sunsetting. For vertcle AOV, is just horizontal * 9/16?

4K display bug is fixed.

I like the upload scenes feature a lot! I hadn't gotten a chance to use it yet, and now that I have I'm stumped about one thing:

Basically, I choose the Q1755 from the list and set the AOV to 48, its widest. Then I upload a scene taken the with the same model camera, when at 48.

But even after I center it, I still have substantial top and bottom letterboxing. This letterboxing begins to shrink when increasing the focal length, but because it is several degrees before the letterboxing totally disappears, the cameras FOV at its widest is displayed until the FOV fills up the window. I would think that changing the AOV always changes the FOV, but in this case it just makes the FOV more magnified without reducing the width of the FOV.

When uploading a scene taken at a certain AOV and then using a camera with the same AOV, should the scene fill the window perfectly?

Should I just adjust the AOV of the new scene to whatever it takes up the whole window?

Side note: 29MP resolution is not available in manual mode. You can, howover choose the Avigilon behemoth from the list and then go into manual mode and change the sensor to 35mm. Which I works I think...


F-stop calculator always makes Lens B win, it's not fair!