Off Topic: Who On IPVM Is Following The Whitey Bulger Trial?

All I keep thinking is how different things would have been in the 60s' and 70's if they had video surveillance like we do today. Lots of the crimes committed were done in public (machine gunning cars in broad daylight, violent beatings, etc.).

Always fascinates me how corrupt law enforcement was and how they could easily be bought to look the other way even during crimes as severe as murder.

Coles nots on why this trial is of interest?

Coles nots on why this trial is of interest?

Between Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman, those of us in Central Florida have had our fill of trials for a while. :)

On the meta point about crimes 40-50 years ago vs today. For sure, technology has played a huge role in cutting the crime rate, especially the brazen ones that make great movies.

John G.

Those trials in my opinion are much less interesting. This guy terrorized Boston for the better part of 2 decades, ran away and lived completely under the radar for 16 years with millions in cash and guns. Much more of a cowboy story than Casey Anthony or George Zimmerman/trayvon Martin.

I've read all the Whitey Bulger books that have been made over the years.... (best one was written by the Globe reporters who followed the case from the beginning) and I agree with Michael; this dude was straight-up bad as they get.

Until Whitey was captured, I was semi-convinced the weird guy across the street who avoids eye contact with everyone was him. His car even had a Patriots logo on the spare tire, so that was almost all the convincing I needed. If the guy was 10 years older I woulda dropped a dime on his ass years ago looking for the reward loot. :)

I haven't heard much about this trial.