Off Topic: What Type Of Fire Extinguisher Makes The Best Self-Defence Weapon?

Attempting, as any responsible homesteader would, to provide supplemental but active intruder repellant devices throughout my residence, my suggestions met with some resistance from the powers that be.

One by one all the best options got shot out of the water: Small arms, Taser guns, Stun guns, Burg Blasters, even Bean Bag guns have been denied by the peace loving, eco-feminist ruling majority because of their perceived violent embodiment.

Thoroughly emasculated, but not deflected I was encouraged to embark on an unrelated fire-safety upgrade. But I see the dual-use possibilities at once, gun-like high-pressure canisters with safeties and triggers ready to instantly incapacitate fire or foe equally.

But there are a bewildering array of devices out there to choose from:

Does anyone have any opinion on which ones would repel an intruder best and put out fires as well?

Yes, I'm serious. :)

Fire Extinguisher Industry: Our products save lives

Undisclosed A: I want an extinguisher that endangers lives

I may have used the words repel and incapacitate, but still the irony is noted. :)

I got the idea from FEMA:

...adults in immediate danger should consider trying to disrupt or incapacitate the shooter by using aggressive force and items in their environment, such as fire extinguishers, and chairs. FEMA

Though it's not clear if you're supposed to 'pull pin' or just lob the thing at them.

Kevin McAllister approves

Yes M.C. started the home defence ball rolling so many years ago, and we're all in his debt...

On another note, have you ever considered what this world would look like today if all the wars had been fought with U.L. approved propellant instead of artillery? A lot different, I'm sure.

well, I would throw "water" off of the list since that probably won't repel and intruder nor would it bode well in many home fire scenaries (ie. grease fire, electrical). My money is on a an extinguisher with a dry chemical, it seems as though it would get into the eyes easier slowing the intruder down. Foam would potentially wipe away easier and may also make your escape more difficult by making the floor slippery.

however I do agree with you, the options you list that got ruled out are by far the best options for you. I didn't see throwing knives on your list of out ruled items, may be worth a look :)

I guess the best answer depends on if you expect your assailant to be made of grease, chemicals, or wood/paper.

Most likely a greaseball, but I want to be prepared for type A, B and C intruders. That's why I am leaning towards Halon presently.

Halon 1211 is a liquefied gas which, when discharged, leaves the nozzle in a stream that is about 85% liquid and 15% gas. This gives the agent a range of 9 to 15 feet...

I think my aim may be erratic if under pressure; that's why a prefer a continuous sweeping discharge from a distance.

Plus, unlike a firearm, the odds of a fire extinguisher being turned against you by an assailant are astronomically low.

In all honesty, the fire extinguisher as home defense is a pretty bad idea.

The best advice for a home defense weapon is something you can find and feel in the dark, and where you have developed some muscle memory for it's operation and familiarity for the range, kickback, etc. of the weapon.

Either you're going to go through a LOT of refills, or when the time comes you're going to be fumbling around from adrenalin overload and it'll be fairly worthless.

If you think you have a legitimate need for a home defense weapon, then your eco-feminist needs to come to grips with this and you need to work TOGETHER on a solution. That also involves the both of you discussing what to do in the event of some kind of need for defense. Who does what, where do you go, does someone have responsibility for securing kids and pets?

Plus, unlike a firearm, the odds of a fire extinguisher being turned against you by an assailant are astronomically low.

Similarly, it's effectiveness is also astronomically low. You have a single shot. If you miss, or if there are multiple assailants then it's just as likely that extenguisher becomes the blunt object used to knock you out.

Or even if it's a direct hit, you make the bad guy giggle.

At worst, he's cracked out of his mind and his own flight or fight response kicks in and he destroys you.

Seriously, if home/self-defense is the goal, go the full measure that will remove all doubt of your performance under duress.

If guns are still on the blacklist and you're just in love with an extinguisher form factor, get a big can of pepper spray.

The best advice for a home defense weapon is something you can find and feel in the dark, and where you have developed some muscle memory for it's operation and familiarity for the range, kickback, etc. of the weapon.

I agree with you. Our local FD holds monthly 'smoke-outs', (BYOE of course), where you get to practice on live 'targets' and develop a feel for the action of the canister.

After the family unsuspectingly has completed such undeniably useful training, I intend to make slight modifications to the curriculum for intruders, such as 'aim at the face, not the base'.

In any event, I have a larger residence; and even if I do secretly overrule and acquire deadly force, I do not plan on 'carrying' around the house. I need fire extinguishers in any event, and I might as well get ones that the whole family can use.

You need to suddenly begin worrying about the quality of the power grid so you can justify leaving D cell Maglites around the house.

Got this for my wife a while back for when I traveled.

Guard Dog Security 6000000-volt Flashlight Stun Gun with 4 Prongs and 2 Sparks

Never tested it on myself (and I won't), but the astonishing crack of this thing going off is enough to scare someone. Wouldn't want to be on the business end of this one.

I'm good now. ;)

Peace and tranquility on the homefront outweigh intrusion response precautions every single time. Go to Amazon and search for "bear spray". Get the large belt-carried cannisters for long range use (10-20'). It will turn one or more assailants into screaming entertainment and carries the added benefit that should someone in the household mistake you for an intruder you won't be a victim of mistaken identity gunshot, but you will truly wish you could die at least for a few minutes.

I can't even fry an egg without setting off my smoke detectors in my apartment. I'm certainly not spraying pepper spray. It'll get everywhere.

I'll stick with whacking the intruder in the nose with one of the many conveniently located Maglites I keep scattered throughout, thank you very much.

Flashlight Industry: Our product will turn lights on.

Ari: I want one that will put 'lights out'.

When it comes to active fire protection / self defense count on the Internet to deliver the most insane, unsafe method possible.


Lol. For a while I was disappointed thinking that you weren't gonna comment, C. ;)

I'm of course interested in the whole lot, it just might be hard to make past domestic 'customs'...

Clearly, I am too easy to bait...

When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. I would seriously consider alternatives, perhaps with a code or biometric safe that keeps any kiddos out of it.

If you have been reduced down to figuring out how to make a fire extinguisher into a self defense weapon, then I would suggest considering the following.

Get a medium dry chemical fire extinguisher with a hose. (~$40 at Costco). Fashion a cone shaped "sprayer" similar to the brass sprayer cones for garden hoses. So it will spray a stream vs. a wide spray. But you know what, on second thought, I'd go with a smaller one that you can wield one handed. Stay with the dry chemical, and aim for the face, and keep your other hand free.

A fire extinguisher does not just have one 'woosh' and it's over. The squeeze valve on top can be released and squeezed again as long as you havn't depleted the powder charge. So you could potentially have several short "shots". IF you can get it in the assailant's face, (without getting shot or stabbed yourself) then there is a good chance they will breath in a blast of it, and get it in their eyes. If you can manage this in the dark, then excellent, you've given yourself the advantage, and, by coincidence you are now holding a large metal club. It would really ruin someone’s day to be hit in the head with a metal fire extinguisher by a crazed adrenalin filled homeowner in his underwear.

If firearms are completely out of the question, consider a "decorative katana sword", the damage even the $20 ones can do is unbelievable. Still no good? Keep some bear spray on hand "in case you go hiking". Yeah, indoors your eyes will burn some too (but not like the bad guy's) and slightly burning eyes is better than dead. I'm sure you have kitchen knifes? A chef's knife can work in a pinch. Get creative.

Otherwise, if you are married to the queen of all pacifists, and all of the above is out… Then re-enforce the hell out of your bedroom door and door frame. Equip it with some manly locks and hide out until help arrives. If you are allowed no offense, then go defense.

If you have a modern alarm with zwave, get a battery powered deadbolt for the bedroom door, and set it to lock if the alarm goes off. That way your bedroom door is secured automatically if the alarm sounds. (not so useful though if you have kids though and need to protect them)

Thanks for the tips, Jason!

I'm definitely going for the katana sword; not right away though because a direct thrust would be too obvious. So I just ordered Bushido: Way of the Samurai as cover.

As for the auto locking bedroom door via zwave, I'm already committed to the dFENCE bookshelf system, so have to wait for them to write a driver. Talk about "vendor lock-in".