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Off Topic: What Happened To The Missing $100?

An integrator walks into a national brick and mortar distributor looking to purchase 3 thermal cameras.

He looks around for awhile before he locates one on the shelf that he likes - he read a recent review of the camera on IPVM - that is listed for $1000 w/tax included. After asking a few question of the distributors salesperson regarding features/functionality/benefits, the integrator decides to purchase 3 of these thermal cameras.

The salesperson rings up the sale and the integrator forks over his $3000 and leaves.

The salesperson then goes to find the salesmanager to brag about the sale. The salesmanager hears the story and informs the salesperson that the thermal camera in question went on sale the day before; if a customer buys 3 at once they get a $500 discount.

The sales manager possesses morals and ethics, and also likes to do things with a certain flair, so they instruct the salesperson to take $500 of the cash that the integrator just spent, and drive over to his place of business and personally hand it back to him. The sales manager is counting on this exercise to build some loyalty with this new integrator....

Hearing this annoys the crap out of the salesperson because it eats into his commission on the deal. Plus he is lazy and doesn't want to drive 15 miles to the customers business address to give him back the $500. So, a scheme begins to hatch in the salespersons mind to recoup some of his own perceived 'losses'....

The salesperson takes five $100 bills from the register, hops in his Datson B210 with Kool and The Gang playing on the cassette deck and leaves the distributors place of business en route to the integrators joint. It only takes him about halfway there before he's convinced himself that he can keep some of the 'supposed to be refunded' cash and that neither the integrator, nor his boss, will be any the wiser.

After pocketing two of those $100 bills, he shows up at the integrators shop and finds him behind the counter setting up his newly-purchased thermal cameras on his test bench. With a hearty handshake and a wide grin, the salesperson informed the integrator that he is in luck! Those $1K thermal cameras he just bought shouldve actually been only $900/ea if you buy 3, so he handed over three $100 bills (a $100 refund for each camera) to the very happy integrator, bringing the integrators cost for each camera to $900.


The integrator originally paid $3000 (3 x $1000 = $3000)

If, after the $300 refund, the integrator paid $900 for each camera (3 x $900 = $2700)

And the salesperson pocketed $200.....

$2700 + $200 = $2900

Where is the missing $100?

I don't know, but ADI is known for pulling this type of thing....

Where is the missing $100?

There is no missing $100, you're just bad at math.

$3000 paid, minus $500 out of the till = $2500 to the dsitributor.

Sales person gives dealer $300, making it that he paid $2700 for what should have been $2500.

Sales person pockets $200. $2700 - $200 = $2500.

It's mine! I found it and I'm keeping it!

Tell you what, you can loan me the $200, but only give me $100... that way you'll owe me $100, I'll owe you $100, and we'll be even.

All a matter of how your looking at the math.

A slick saleman will make you think this way, but just as brain has expressed it is in the math.

Numbers dont lie, smooth salesman do.

It is good to see an occasional "Off Topic" like this one. Marty probably knew the correct answer all along and this was his idea of having a little fun.