Off Topic: This Tech Startup Is Going To Fail Spectacularly

This is not a security company, but I am so amazed by the insanity of this tech startup's behavior that I had to share. The company is RapGenius and, as a product for understanding rap lyrics, it appears to be popular and useful. However, their wild ambitions ('be the biggest site in the world), their behavior (looks like a sketch from the Onion) and their lack of a business model are bizarre. Here's a video of them:

This just strikes me as the type of company 5 or 10 years from now that people will not believe even existed. It's like that Joaquin Phoenix documentary but evidently real.


I made it to the 4:00 mark.....

You owe me 4:00 of my life back.

Come on, these guys would be awesome on a reality TV show! I read a NYTimes article where one of the co-founders claim this is just an act. It may be but why?

Do a poll: Between the guy on the left that looks like a cross between a Miami Vice era Don Johnson and one of The Thompson Twins, and the interviewer Josh Constine's road-kill inspired 'do, which one is more deserving of a forced haircut?

Look like a bunch of wannabe's to me.

"Mesudarim - an Israeli sitcom broadcasting in [Israel]. The series starts when 4 friends- Tomer Levi (Asi Cohen) Erez Klyner (Eran Zarhovich), Guy Fogel (Asaf Harel) and Sagi Berlad (Maor Cohen), sell their gaming startup company to an American corporation for 217 million dollars, and deals with how the 4, very different, childhood friends deal with their newfound wealth."