Off-Topic: Is It Ethical To Use Ghost Bloggers?

According to blogossory, A ghost blog is a blog written by a person or company on behalf of another company or person.

An article defending the use of corporate Ghost Bloggers, (written by a Ghost),

Attributing content to an actual person, an executive within an organisation or any other employee, instantly changes the voice of the post from the corporate, impersonal company line, to a more authoritative and insightful piece. This is where people struggle with the idea that a ghost blogger might have penned the blog post. “How do you know what to write?” is a common question I get asked, “how do you know what that person thinks?”

Is this just the same as press releases being written by one person and ascribed to another?

Since its not even conceivable that someone could pull off a convincing J.H., I would say we're safe here.

But is it ok?

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