Off Topic: Do You Drink Energy Drinks?

Just reading an article about how Monster is now changing its marketing from dietary supplement to beverage. Over the years, it appears to me that lots of people in the industry drink energy drinks, so...

They help me stay alert on those days when I got little sleep.

I run 3 times a week instead... much better than energy drinks in my honest opinion.

I used to drink them in college with friends for recreational purposes, never for actual need. If I even have a cup of coffee after 2pm I won't be able to get to sleep at night.

I can't drink coffee because it doesn't agree with my insides, so I drink Sugar Free Red Bull most mornings. It started a long time ago when I was on the road a lot. It's not something I absolutely need to have, and I don't turn into a monster grump before having my "morning Red Bull" like a lot of coffee drinkers I know. I also never drink more than one per day.

Driking regulalry I don't think they're healthy. We have enough sugar, sweetners and other additives in the foods we eat without adding more, is my opinion.

Until, recently, I would've guessed this guy down the street from me is a tweaker. He is always doing stuff like mowing his grass at 3 in the morning, working on his cars in freezing weather in nothing but a tank top, and his eyes bug when he talks.

I went to introduce myself, and was surprised to learn he has a rather distinguished job for a soda packager/ distribution company in my town. His 'off the clock' T-Shirt, dirtbike decals, and bumpster stickers all proclaim his company's flagship energy drink. He offered me a sixer of the stuff, and told me it's his best seller. He was sweating as we visited, and it was like 40 F (4 C) outside.

"Oh man... no thanks. But thanks anyway!"

Rarely to almost never but I really like and enjoy the taste of Red Bull.

Coffee 'til 10 am until I started working out every morning (6 am). You should try it, keeps you zinging all day.

Yeah, coffee is my primary energy drink :) Some of the others, like Red Bull, Monster, etc. I like now and then just as a different drink; I don't notice and particular "energy boost" from any of them.

Coffee all day. Drinking too much energy drinks makes your dingy shrink over time, atleast thats what I heard on the internet and that means its pretty much true. Same thing happens with 7UP

I drink Monster LoCarb at least 4 times a week. It used to be every day but I'm trying to cut back (lol). I don't drink it all at once, it typically takes me about 3 hours to finish one 16oz. can. Personally I would prefer to drink coffee but I don't like the after taste, and I don't like to drink hot stuff on warm/hot days. I also drink the Monsters because I like the fruity flavor and the energy I get from them.

I don't think I have a "dingy" so I'm not too worried about it shrinking. :D

Same thing happens with 7UP

LOL. You sound like my friends in the Caribbean. The overly citrus drinks (they have a local drink that is similar to 7UP) are rumored to "cut your nature" and seem to be avoided by the locals.

I tried the 5 Hour Energy shots for a while, they're OK, but didn't do much for me. I usually just drink simple black coffee.

How come nobody but me (apparently) sneers at the name 'energy drink' itself?

How many people would be convinced these things 'give them energy' if the name was something like Big Can of Fruity Caffeine?

I drink diet pepsi like I should have stock in the company, but I don't get 'energy' from it. I get caffeine from it. I've never seen the need to find another caffeine delivery source as I live in a region blessed with a cheap and plentiful supply - I've never consumed even one of these new types...

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that can reverse drowsiness and restore alertness. It does not provide energy.

I hate marketing semantics designed to obfuscate.

It would be too hard to name it a "central nervous system stimulant that can reverse drowsiness and restore alertness" drink. It wouldnt fit on the can.

Coffee, Black, All Day, Excessively when long hours, only the best coffee will do.

Only healthy food items

It saw on a documentairy once that the reason people feel tired when they haven't had their coffee is mostly due to the fact they're suffering from withdrawl syndroms. Once those (~5 days) are over they usually feel the same as if they did have their coffee.

I stopped drinking coffee during the week due to me waking up with a splitting headache every weekend when I slept longer.
I have no trouble with tiredness in the mornings.

I used to drink energy drinks when I was in my teens, mixing it with wodka and all :). But those days are long past. I always feel like your teeth glazings just burst off the moment that stuff is in my mouth.

Anyone want to give this a go and report back? Death Wish

Watching the video from the news group made me laugh... I suspect they were already feeling the effects of the drink. lol. Anyway, good to know that my Monster drink isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. :D

I'm a coffee guy and always will be. The Keurig machine has drastically changed my coffee drinking habit eternally. Maybe that is why people find me to be high-strung?