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Off-The-Wall: "Be Offensive To Security Cameras And Get Arrested"

That's a very misleading title. The charge is public lewdness for bearing her breasts in public. It will be interesting to see if the charge sticks as the lewdness evidently was witnessed only by a security camera and NOT by any person (evidently the typical standard).

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Agreed, it's not the most accurate headline. Good headline writers are a precious commodity these days. If you ever need a change of career, John, you should apply!

There's a slightly more detailed version from the local paper in the town where it actually happened...

I think it's worth Carlton following up on this to see what the specifics of the incident are (i.e., was someone watching the surveillance video and saw the incident?) as well as if the charge sticks.

Sounds like response was relatively quick, so I'd suspect someone was watching live. They did note that dispatchers saw her get out of her car and sent the cops - certainly SOUNDS like live viewing.