Off The Grid Camera Recommendations

I’d appreciate any recommendations for an outdoor day/night camera with good aesthetics, internal storage and preferably able to use AC power. The camera will be isolated, i.e. it will not be connected to a network or a DVR.

The customer has a very solid old house where WiFi doesn’t work reliably and he doesn’t want to install data or video cables. He is only prepared to extend existing electrical circuits to power the cameras so it is preferable they can accept AC power. As this customer is in Australia, the camera would need to accept 240V at 50Hz AC power.

The customer wants the deterrent value of a real surveillance camera but one that doesn’t look too ugly so a dome would probably be best. He doesn’t want a trail-cam!

Image quality should be good enough to show a clear face within 6-9 feet (2-3 meters) and integrated IR lighting should reach at least 10 meters.

The customer is usually only away for a few days at a time but could go on a 3 week vacation. Accordingly I was thinking a 720p camera at 3fps might help to keep the data rate down and maximise the number of days of recordings. Recording on motion would be critical as would the ability to block out unwanted recordings of motion from trees and passing cars.

I’d be very interested to learn if anyone has successfully recorded 3 weeks of motion-only recordings to internal storage.

Finally, is there a way for the customer to easily access the recordings on the internal storage without it also being easy for an intruder to access the internal storage? I wonder if WiFi could be used for that by bringing a laptop or smart device close to the camera?

Thank you for any suggestions and tips!

Ironically, even if you have no network, you need a network camera, because you need h.264 compression for the edge storage.

How about this Hikvision DS-2 CD2522FWD-I(W)(S)

Applicable features:

  • Stylish, smallish dome
  • 128GB Edge Storage (Most others have 64G)
  • 12 V power thru adapter.
  • 1080p/720p recording.
  • 10 Meter IR
  • Wireless
  • h.264+
  • True WDR @ 120db
  • IP66

Recording even 6 hrs a day, @720p and 3fps should easily make 3 weeks, with a 128GB card.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for this excellent discovery. I don't think this exact model is available in Australia but I'll use it as a guide and see if I can find something similar.

There are very few WiFi cameras in Australia because Australian distributors don't go to the effort of local compliance testing. It's strange because there are so many other WiFi devices imported into Australia but not surveillance cameras. Having said that, I'd usually steer clear of WiFi surveillance cameras unless there was no other option.

Thanks again for your great help!

I don't know if these guys are for real but fwiw:

Are you saying that wifi is not a requirement?

Hi Chris, thank you for finding this, even if the price is rather steep. You're clearly better at searching than me!

WiFi is not a requirement but the customer would need some method of extracting the video from the internal storage if something happened to their home while they were away. Walking up close to the camera with a laptop or smart device and using WiFi to access the video might be the most practical method and would beat having to open the camera.

It's ugly but since you're not using POE, you could use a crossover cable direct to a laptop, no?

Hi Chris, yes a cable could be used if the camera was not too hard to reach. These days I find I rarely have to use crossover cables as most modern NICs seem to handle that automatically which would make this idea a little easier.

BTW, Campbell Chang reports that Ingrammicro Australia and Hikvision have consummated an agreement making IM the 2nd Hikvision Dealer to go down under.

Thanks Undisclosed 1. Yes, Ingrammicro do distribute some models of Hikvision cameras in Australia.