Oculus Rift And Security?

I saw that Oculus Rift is shipping now.

I wonder if we will see any integrations with this and PTZ, 360, or multi-imager cameras? My guess is no, but I think it could be particularly cool to integrate this with a 4K PTZ for live-tracking applications.

Avigilon got a lot of traffic with their Kinect demo years ago, and IQEye tried a Google Glass app. Maybe someone at ISC West will have an Oculus demo as a traffic grab?

From the video's I have seen the HTC Vive has more options then the Rift. The Rift tracks your head movement only but with the Vive you can move around the room. I wasn't really that interested in this space until I saw what you can do with the Vive.

Maybe someone at ISC West will have an Oculus demo as a traffic grab?

I think ONSSI would have a jump on most of the others, in terms of branding at least...

I have an Oculus Rift and I don't think it would work with motorized PTZ cameras, from a human experience point of view. It would probably make you sick as the pan and tilt operations could not keep up with the person moving their head.

It could work with traditional hemispherical 360 degree cameras without making you sick, but I don't see a compelling benefit, because there would be no stereoscopic effect with a traditional camera.

With a specialized camera that can give stereoscopic views, the viewer could get a sense of perspective in the environment they are watching, though I'm still not sure this is compelling.

Rather than VR, I personally think augmented reality (AR) glasses (Microsoft Hololens, Magic Leap, Meta) will have a significant impact on the security industry. Security personnel will be able to conduct face-to-face interactions while also monitoring security information in their field of vision.
Imagine walking through a building with a miniature 3D map of the building in your field of view showing each person and security camera, with the ability to reach out and pull in the video stream; all without being blind to the outside world.

After watching this video I can't wait to see the first VMS client that is built for VR.

Maybe Samsung could get there first, they already got the glasses:

Oops, wrong Samsung...

Thanks for the share! I don't know if a virtual command center with a virtual wall displaying live cameras feeds could be, in near future, a lower cost solution!

Genetec wins the prize of the first VMS with a Oculus Rift VR client on display at ISC West. Anyone else try the demo?