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Ocularis Mobile Woes

I am interested to hear what other integrators have to say about Ocularis Mobile. From my experience it has been nothing but a let down. The hardware that it requires to run puts most people off due to cost. The mobile app has so many bugs it makes it not even a viable soultion to put in front of customers. The lack of features it has really sets it back as well. Do to all of this we have been pushing Milestone a lot more even though in the past we use to be stricly a OnSSI house.

I've been pretty satisfied with it, though I didn't expect much to begin with. I've heard wind that another big update will be coming with the next big IOS update in the fall sometime, which should include PTZ controls and some other features people have been requesting. My biggest problem is loading of video. At first I attributed it to our low upload speed on our Comcast Business, but since we've upped that, I'm not so sure anymore.

The OnSSI demo system loads pretty quickly, but I can't seem to get ours to do the same.

Thanks! Let's go a step further:

1) Lack of Features: Which features is it missing? I'm a little dry on what Milestone's mobile offerings look like, but I don't think there are any that compare to Ocularis Mobile. What features are missing, compared to?

2) Bugs: What bugs are you seeing? Has OnSSI helped troubleshoot?

3) Hardware Specs: Are you talking about only the Media Server module, or the whole platform?

Ocularis Mobile 1.2.1

Ocularis CS 4.0

Hello A:

Will you list the versions of Ocularis Mobile you're working with? This might help everyone understand your experience better.