NX Witness / DW Spectrum Integration With Veracity COLDSTORE

We have a project that we have been awarded a PO for that we quoted DW Spectrum as the VMS and Veracity COLDSTORE as the storage solution. As of today, the two aren't integrated yet. We were told by Veracity sales early on that full integration was in the works and would be ready Jan/Feb 2015 when version 2.3 was released.

Now we have found out from Network Optix and Digital Watchdog that there isn't any integration planned. Veracity is still saying it will be included in 2.3, but we are getting worried.

Can anyone out there offer advice on navigating this dilemma or offer a substitute storage solution?

John, Scott Sereboff here (CEO of Veracity). Can you please give me a call? Thank you!

I just spoke with Matt Jenkins of Veracity and was given his assurance that the integration will be proceeding as planned and that it is a priority for them.

Great, I am glad this is solved. Btw, I removed Scott's phone number since you have connected.