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NVR Mail In Rebate - Cheesy Or Clever?

Speco Technologies released this ad offering a $50 rebate for each new NVR (NS/NSP Series) purchase. Is $50 for a ~$1500 NVR that great of an incentive?

Speco responded to my price email with a list of 3 distributors. I called each of them and all 3 didn't have a clue as to this promotion, and told me they would actually have to call Speco themselves to find out about this promotion and this series of NVRs since they don't have any of them in stock. Wow!

This may be the case, but why make it so difficult to redeem then? Taking 6 - 8 weeks to process $50 doesn't seem like a motivated campaign to collect contacts.

I'm not disagreeing with you, but doesn't a company like Speco hire Reps/Rep firms to effectively do the same task?

Wow, fascinating point!

Btw, while I certainly believe this - "many installing dealers buy based on the 'sale of the week'," I think we'd both agree it's a pretty short sighted practice for supporting customers / products long term.

Small rebates like this are used to gain a database of users and installers. In this type of industry many installing dealers buy based on the "sale of the week" and distribution doesn't feed back to the manufacturer the actual purchaser. This manufacturer spends $50.00 to get a very valid and credible lead. Compared to the cost of other lead sources it makes good business sense. They would happily pay each and every rebate and likely limit it to one per company.

True Plug & Work - UPnW

Here's the rebate rules and the form you have to fill out. With the form, a receipt and "the original UPC/Serial # located on product box – no duplication or replication will be accepted," all you need to do then is wait "6-8 weeks for delivery of your rebate check."

Contrast to position:

"While vendors have accelerated nearly every other aspect of the purchasing process in recent years -- from overnight shipping to 24/7 instant chat support -- rebates are still stuck in the stone age to discourage redemption."

Nothing quite says that crappy company like a tiny mail in rebate offer in 2013. Good job Speco but it still does not top your other ad: